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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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3 Things Every Gadget Addict Should Own

3 Things Every Gadget Addict Should Own

The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem; my problem is that I am a ‘Gadget-Holic’. There seem to be an infinite amount of products that keep you up to date with what is happening around the world and the celebrity gossip. Or how about being able to check up on your house and whether or not your neighbor has been stealing your garbage cans all from the luxury of your smartphone. It is even possible to design and print any 3 dimensional toy or art-piece or whatever you can dream of all while enjoying a cup of coffee in the kitchen.  I wanted to call this post “3 Gadgets You Can’t Live Without” but let’s be real for a second; it is entirely possible to live without anything on this list, but the real question is why would you want to?

I feel the best way to grade these products will be on affordability, and overall hotness which I will present to you with peppers for scale. The least hot being represented by the much loved and versatile bell pepper followed by the “Oh yeah, I forgot I put those in there” jalepeno pepper.  After jalapeno, comes the mouth tingling but still manageable cayenne. These last two though are for the bravest of individuals, they will make you sweat more than wearing leather pants while watching a Richard Simmons workout DVD. They are the fun to say Habanero, and the worst-decision-you-ever-made  ghost pepper.



Want to make sure that your package got delivered to your doorstep safe and sound from anywhere on the planet? Try the Ring Video Doorbell. This device sends a notification to your phone as well as a video message. You can also communicate with whomever is at your door with an integrated speaker.  This is an amazing gadget for any homeowner and on a scale of Bell to Ghost pepper I give this little guy a Habanero. It’s very affordable as well as being priced at less than two hundred dollars. Check it out here,

Click to view The Ring Smart Doorbell

The Ring Smart Doorbell features a built-in camera that you can check with your smartphone.

Growing up I had a very active imagination and I always wanted to be Dick Tracy. He had the best clothes and drove the fastest cars but most importantly he had that watch. You know the watch I’m talking about, it had the built in phone and as far as my little kid brain could comprehend it did everything. Well, fast forward twenty years and that watch has become a reality but in a far more sophisticated way. The Apple Watch is fast becoming the wearable of choice to replace traditional wrist-ware. This product has so many features you just need to check it all out for yourself. I rated this gadget as a resounding Ghost pepper as far as I am concerned and it made me put away my old school mechanical watch away for good.

Click to see the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch keeps you in sync with every part of your world…and also looks really cool.

The last product I am going to review is one that may seem to be the simplest but has so many practical applications it’s hard to imagine what we used to do. Imagine this, the year is 1999 and you are out with your friends maybe tailgating before a football game or after softball and you want to listen to music. Before you would of had to leave the keys in your car and roll the windows down and crank the radio up. Not anymore, mini Bluetooth enable speakers are taking over when it comes to outdoor music. They’re portable and some are even waterproof and they sync to your phone. Turn it on, sit back and control the night’s tunes from your smart phone. One of my favorite Bluetooth speakers is the JBL Pulse 2 which comes equipped with a light show! You may ask yourself, ‘Is that necessary?’ Probably not, but who cares, it’s fun! I give this speaker and the many like it a Cayenne pepper. It’s fun, it’s portable, and it will keep the party going on well into the night.

Click to see the JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

Meet the life of the party, a.k.a. the JBL Pulse.


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