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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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We Make Interior Design Easy with Our Design Gallery

Interior Design is Easy With Our Design Gallery
Lauren Kindiger

Have you ever found yourself in the center of Nebraska Furniture Mart thinking, “Will all this furniture fit in my space? Do I like these fabric options? Should I be picking an accent color? What style am I even going for?” Or have you ever hit the point of pure frustration over the endless options and thought, “I really wish someone could just do this for me!” Well, along with the endless selections Nebraska Furniture Mart has to offer, we also offer professional and affordable interior design services.



Our talented designers can help you select and arrange every part of a room.


The Design Gallery at Nebraska Furniture Mart has a team of qualified Interior Designers ready to tackle the challenges that your spaces have to offer. The first step is to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to come out and analyze your space. During this appointment, we’ll take pictures, discuss your vision for the space, and most importantly, take measurements. Our measurements are a crucial part of this appointment and will take the majority of the time. After this, we will review the scope of the project and gather necessary information/materials we might need to complete the space (paint samples, flooring, inspiration images…etc).


Floor Plan 1


After the in-home visit, we’ll schedule a time for you, and any other key decision makers, to come back to the store for a presentation/purchasing appointment. This will cover our Designer’s overall vision for your space including space planning, furniture selection, color palette, lighting, rugs, window coverings, and décor recommendations. It’s essential for all decision makers to be present at this appointment so everyone is on the same page at the time the order is placed and is happy with the outcome of the finished product.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?” Remember when I said this is an affordable Interior Design service? Well I wasn’t lying! If you live in the Omaha, KC, or Dallas/Fort Worth areas near our stores, it is only $100. If you live further than this you will incur an additional charge depending on how far away you live. The $100 fee is collected before we come out to your home and includes an hour of our time spent at your in-home visit and your presentation/purchasing appointment in our store. For other selections, such as flooring, backsplashes and other material it’s billed on a hourly/half-hourly basis – $100 for every hour, and $50 for every ½ hour.

If you’re ready to transform your space please stop by and visit with one of our Interior Designers today. We’re ready to meet you and make your vision a reality!



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