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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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Start Prepping New Pots and Planters for Spring

Start Prepping New Pots and Planters for Spring

I will admit, each year, when the March temps hit 65 degrees, I think, “Woo Hoo! Summer is right around the corner.” And it never fails. A few cold days in April bring my heart and hopes crashing back to reality. So this year, I decided to apply a little discipline and keep my spirits in check by doing some online spring shopping, even when it is not completely warm outside yet!

Spring make me think of flowers and that makes me want to get my porch and my potted plants in order. I normally do this even before I clean out the flower beds. I was surprised at how many different options I found for outdoor pots and planters. I picked three that would add some whimsy and joy to my front porch.

Uma Enterprises Metal Bicycle Planter

This Metal Bicycle Planter is a fun way to show off new plants this spring!

This bicycle-shaped planter is absolutely adorable and combines my love of cycling and gardening!  The sturdy metal bike has 5 separate pots to provide lots of planting options and the delicate Victorian Fleur-de-Lis vines woven throughout the frame adds to the quint charm of this planter. I tend to favor zinnias (grown from seed) and think the flowers will look fantastic in their new bike-friendly home!

Shortcakes Planter in Green

The Shortcakes Planter is perfect for herbs, succulents, and other annuals.

Another of my favorite planting techniques is to use a taller pot and let ivy trail down the front, providing depth and variety. The Shortcake planter was not my traditional choice, but I fell in love with the idea of having ivy or a small vine tumble out of a planter traditionally reserved for strawberries! This planter would also be super for a self-contained herb garden. In addition to four planting holes on the sides, there is a wide opening on top making the Shortcake an easy winner. It also comes in variety of colors to match any outdoor décor.

Roark Hand Flower Pot.

Add a unique accent to your garden with the Roark Hand Flower Pot.

My final choice was this a quirky planter, shaped like two hands, that is both study and unique.  The planter is made of cement and the hands form a gentle bowl perfect for a new seedling making its debut to the warm Spring sunshine!

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