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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 17, 2018

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Are 4K Tvs Worth the Hype?


For a little over ten years, we’ve been treated to the relatively new found glory of High Definition TV. What were sports and movies like before this? I’ve tried to block those memories out. Now, we’re on the cusp of another breakthrough. 4K TVs are starting to become more and more popular and we’re finally starting to see 4K content that’s available.

What Makes a 4K TV So Special?

Let’s start with the basics. A 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV has four times as many pixels as a 1080p TV. So, your screen would go from about 2 million pixels to about 8 million pixels. How does this benefit you? Well, more pixels means a lot more detail and a 4K display offers an unreal amount of detail plus more color range, clarity, and depth than ever before. Newer 4K TVs that feature High Dynamic Range also boast a contrast ratio that is off the charts. When you’re comparing models, make sure that you find a 4K TV with local dimming so that you’re getting the absolute best picture possible.

What About 4K Content?

With the last update from standard def TVs to HDTVs, we were able to tell an incredible difference in clarity, resolution, and size. You’ll be able to tell the biggest difference on 4K TVs when you’re actually watching 4K content. Once you get up close to a full 4K display, you won’t see any break in the pixels. And it delivers a mind-blowingly realistic picture from any angle.

4K Blu-rays will usher in a new era of home entertainment with a picture that will look as crisp and detailed as the theater. Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are getting in on the 4K action and have started streaming select content in 4K. Just make sure you have a fast internet connection. Newer movies and TV shows are also filming in 4K, so you can expect to see more and more of this content.  Select 4K TV models will even upscale a live TV broadcast or movie to 4K quality.

Is 4K Worth It?

Here’s the big question; should you upgrade? If you can find the right deal in your price range, absolutely yes! Now that 4K TVs have been out for a while, the prices are steadily dropping which is great news. Plus, as more and more movies and streaming content are readily available your TV will be ready to showcase everything with the highest picture quality. Not to mention, it’s always fun to have the best-looking TV out of all your friends and family. Bragging rights are a real thing.


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