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Nebraska Furniture Mart | September 25, 2018

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3 Clock Styles That Add the Perfect Touch to a Room

3 Clock Styles

With daylight savings and longer days upon us, it seems like the perfect time to discuss how you can incorporate clocks into your home décor. As the digital age has taken over, clocks have become more of a piece of art or accessory for your home. When we’re talking about clock styles, there are 3 types that would make a perfect accent for any room in your home.

Oversized wall clocks have been especially popular in recent years because not only are they functional, but they consume a great deal of wall space and act as a large piece of art. You can use large clocks over your entry console, above the fireplace, above the sofa or that large wall in your stairwell. There are plenty of styles and sizes of wall clocks to choose from to fit your space.  Whether it be traditional, contemporary, whimsical or rustic, you can be sure a wall clock can fill that space you have been having nightmares about!


Cooper Classics Annency Clock in Aged Cream Howard Miller Postema Wall Clock


Table clocks are a wonderful accessory to any nightstand, end table or étagère. Many table clocks are smaller and thus are a perfect accent to the Formation Rule. When putting together a vignette, always make sure you use different heights and sizes (such as tall, medium and short) and place them in a triangle form. To achieve a vintage look, stack three books and top with a small table clock. If your end table or nightstand is against a wall you could even use a square wall clock and prop it against the wall. Paired with a nice lamp and other decorative accessories, it would complete the vignette just right.


Click to view the Howard Elliot Square Mirrored Clock

The Howard Elliot Square Mirrored Clock adds a modern touch.


Grandfather clocks (also known as floor clocks) can make a room come to life with its personality and sound. Not to mention, it’s a conversation piece! You might be surprised to know that not all floor clocks are traditional. There are an abundant amount of styles and finishes for floor clocks including contemporary, whimsical, transitional, white, black and chrome to name a few. Floor clocks are great for a corner that you can’t seem to fill. With their tall, narrow shape they certainly fit the bill. A trend that I’ve seen recently are Scandinavian-influenced floor clocks in an antique white or robin’s egg blue finish.


click to view more grandfather clocks on

Whatever your style may be, we are sure you will find something that you just love at Nebraska Furniture Mart!

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