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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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How Leather Furniture Can Spruce Up Your Home's Look

Leather Furniture Collage with different lifestyle settings

Think leather furniture is just for bachelor pads and stuffy libraries? Think again! Leather furniture is a classic and timeless way to express your style while maintaining quality. When you’re shopping for a new sofa or sectional, give leather a look. You’ll find pieces in every style imaginable, from a traditional tufted sofa to an edgy modern frame. Natural markings and rich colors are the trademark of leather furniture and a high quality leather will last longer than fabric! If you’re nervous about how to use leather in your home, we have some tips to help you find the right pieces!

How to Use Leather Furniture as a Foundation Piece

Using a leather sectional or sofa as your main furniture piece will really anchor your room and give it some weight. Make your sofa the foundation piece of the room and then select your accent pieces to coordinate. A whole room filled with the same material can look unbalanced so instead pair it with upholstered chairs or accent pieces to keep the look from getting too heavy. This will give your eye a place to land rather than everything melting into one look.


Leather Sofas_Foundations


Using Leather Furniture as an Accent Piece

If a whole sofa in leather really isn’t your style, try just an accent piece like a small chair or ottoman. In the same way that a fabric chair would break up a room of leather, a leather chair will do the same in a sea of fabric. Or try a big leather ottoman in the center of the room—leather is durable enough to handle putting your feet up or holding a tray of snacks. Another benefit of leather is that it can be dyed almost any color, even bright pinks and rich blues. Mixing one of these more signature pieces into your space can really add some personality. If you are using leather sparingly, you can be a little bolder than usual by opting for a funky frame or even embossed leather cover.




Good Leather Is All About the Details

Gray is the new neutral! While brown leather will always be a classic choice, the stylish choice right now is gray leather. There are many cool and warm grays so you can find the perfect shade to complement your room. Make sure you check out all the details that are available too. Since there is not pattern to fight with on a leather piece, it’s all about the details. Shiny nickel nailheads, modern metal legs, accent wood trim and turned legs are just a few examples of the details that will really make your sofa unique. Visit Nebraska Furniture Mart today to see all that leather can offer!


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