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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Give Your Room a Vintage Glow with Edison Bulbs

Give Your Room a Vintage Glow with Edison Bulbs

We all learned in school that Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb, right?  Well, that’s partly true.  Actually, more than a dozen scientists worked on this idea throughout the 19th century, but it was Edison who actually did the extensive experimentation it took to figure out how to build a light bulb to market to the public.

Today’s Edison bulbs use the same technology as they did 130 years ago. But instead of the filament wrapped tightly, today it is stretched out and visible, giving an amber glow and the glass bulb is shaped like the original ones that came out of Edison’s glass-blowing studio that existed just to produce bulbs for his experiments.


Edison Bulbs


I love to use Edison bulbs to bring a simple, vintage feel to a room. They can be substituted for regular light bulbs in any floor lamp or light fixture and are especially perfect for exposed bulbs over a bar or on either side of a fireplace. They look great if you can find a fixture with a cluster design that really shows off their unique design. Check out our selection of pendant light fixtures and add a couple of vintage bulbs to bring that rustic, romantic charm to your 21st century home.

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