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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 18, 2018

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What If Your Birthday Is on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day and Birthday Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day. It either makes one want to write love sonnets and send them to someone special via snow white carrier pigeon… Or shudder violently then want to run and hide in a dark cave!  Ok, carrier pigeons have been pretty much decommissioned and some people do tolerate Valentine’s Day fairly well, but there is a heightened sense of expectation regardless of your romantic tendencies.

Now, imagine if your birthday were on Valentine’s Day! Your gift-getting expectations would be even higher than normal and those gift givers in your life would feel a heightened sense of tension and anxiety around the entire thing, particularly around the gift-giving part.

So, for my dear family and friends, I decided to create a special 2-in-1 Birthday/Valentine’s Gift List. That’s right. Despite having a dual V-day/B-day, I generously took time to make sure my husband and family can buy me what I really want… or, I mean, to make it easy for them all.

Like a lot of not-really-that-into-cooking-cooks, I find my slow cooker gets a lot of use. I purchased an inexpensive version many years ago. Now it is time to upgrade. My choice is the Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker. It may be a bit larger than I will ever use (dream big!), but I have decided the latching lid (to keep soup from spilling during transport) is the new must-have for me. There are also slow cookers that have decorative panels on the outside, so your slow cooker can match your holiday themed table setting.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Next on my list is an adjustable bed frame. I know, this is a rather big gift for even a V-Day/B-day event, but hey, it is my list! I love the idea of being able to read in bed while my better half sleeps quietly or watches TV. I feel like my days of using multiple pillows to prop myself up yet never seeming to get really comfortable are over. Maybe for a B-day/V-day/Anniversary combined gift?

Finally, I also want a new kitchen backsplash. I know, there is no rhyme or reason to my list, but again, a heart wants what it wants.  And my heart wants  sheets of Marble Arabescato Carrara Honed Natural Stone Mosaic. I’dj also like a professional installer to do the job, and luckily NFM offers full service installation and design services. No need to create work for my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day!

MSI Quartz Iced White

I encourage you hopeless romantics to spend a bit of time in-store or online as you search for the perfect “I Love You” gift this holiday season. And remember, it is perfectly acceptable to give yourself a gift if you really want it.  No one knows you better than you… so go for it!

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