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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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How a Soundbar Can Add Some Extra Boom to Your TV

Soundbar featured in lifestyle shot
Adam Logan

The newest 4K HDTVs feature amazing displays that create lifelike images. The clarity is simply unreal. What about the built-in speakers though? They’re usually an afterthought. Think about how thin your TV is; now think about how small those built-in speakers must be. Check out the size of a soundbar and realize that it is literally a bar made of amazing speakers.  If a full-on home theater system isn’t practical for your space or you don’t feel like running speaker wire all over, a soundbar is definitely the way to go!

Soundbars are a practical solution to delivering an audio experience that matches up with your TV’s gorgeous visuals. They’re easy to set up and can also be wall mounted. There are even soundbars that feature wireless subwoofers (for some extra oomph!) you can tuck in the corner of a room. It brings another dimension of realism and will add that “full” sound to your room.

Harmon Kardon Soundbar

New soundbars from brands like Sonos, Klipsh, and JBL will immerse you with incredible sound that’s sure to breathe new life into your favorite movies, games, and TV shows. Most models will also be able to sync up with your existing TV or cable remote so that you don’t have to add another remote to your collection. Soundbars are just a simple design executed perfectly. There’s no frustrating setup or wires running all over the room.  They’re slim and compact on design, but not on sound. Look for models that feature Bluetooth connectivity too. You’ll be able to wirelessly connect your phone or mobile device and stream music on an incredible sound system.

Give your TV an audio upgrade and check out the latest soundbars at NFM!

Polk soundbar

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