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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 17, 2018

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Wearable Technology: The Biggest Trend in Fitness

Wearable Technology: The Biggest Fitness Trend of 2016

Many of us ring in the New Year and resolve to get in shape at the same time. While this new-year-goal-setting trend is not new, what is new is how we plan to hit those goals. Wearable technology is firmly in the #1 spot for 2016 Fitness Trends (former #1 trends included Interval Training and hiring a Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer). New wearables have been introduced that provide instantaneous monitoring to help you keep track of goals. Some even provide extra motivation! The category of wearable fitness technology that includes smart watches, fitness and activity trackers, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices will continue to rise in the new year.

But wearables are not totally new in the fitness world. What is new is the idea that the technology should do more than what an excel spreadsheet did in the past – that is simply tracking what you did. The new focus of wearable tech is to better track an individual’s habits (think sleep or being sedentary), interpret them, and provide immediate feedback that will help us change our bad habits, increase positive habits, and generally take health and wellness to the next level. An example is both the Garmin and Fitbit brand of activity trackers. These brands offer models that track how long you sit, and send you a gentle beep or vibration when you have been sitting too long. This is important as sitting has been determined to be its own health risk, even for people that get plenty of physical activity in in a day.

Many brands offer a full service watch as well as an activity tracker, and many even allow you to view texts and calendar activities from the same device! Other features include sleep monitoring, heart rate monitors, musical alarms, calorie counters and even a Vo2 max counter! The goal is to find the device that fits your needs and your budget, not to mention your style flare (they come in multiple of colors and sizes and many have interchangeable straps). At NFM, we’ve made it easy for you to find the wearable tech that’ll help you reach your 2016 goals!

Be sure to check out this guide for an in-depth look at 2016’s best fitness trackers!


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