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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Rustic Furniture: Warm Up with the Campfire Trend

Rustic Furniture: Campfire Trend

The Holidays are over. It’s gray, it’s cold, and it feels like spring will never arrive, but with this trend you can warm up your interior with a taste of the great outdoors. Rustic furniture and a cabin on the lake motif will give you and your guests something to look forward to in the depths of the winter months and the inviting and cozy aesthetic will provide the perfect place to entertain or relax all year long.  The focal points for this trend are the Attic Heirlooms Hutch and 6-Piece Dining Set from Broyhill.  Part of the Attic Heirlooms Collection, the oak construction and rustic finish provide the perfect foundation for any outdoor or vintage themed décor.

Broyhill Attic Heirlooms China and Hutch

Once you’ve found the rustic furniture that fits your needs it’s time to add accents and accessories. It doesn’t matter if you favor the woods or the water; add elements that bring the outdoors inside and appear weathered or vintage in nature. Elk, bear, deer, camping, fishing, and water sports are all great places to start. This wooden double paddle provides a nice pop of color and can be hung on the wall or placed in a corner with a decorative box or lantern.

Rustic Lanterns Rustic lantern and oars

Until it’s time to break out the fishing gear or go for a picnic keep adding decorative elements to your space with our huge selection of rustic and outdoor themed items.  Soon enough you will have the perfect place to contemplate your next great adventure.




  1. Frank Shay

    I am looking for the pillows where you brush them and they change color so to speak,

    They were posted on face book.



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