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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Home Gym 101: A Guide to the Best Fitness Equipment

Home Gym 101

January is a time of change.  A fresh start, a new year, and a list of fitness goals. Keeping all that in mind, perhaps you’re still on the fence about this whole gym thing.  They can be intimidating and downright uncomfortable for any newcomer, and it’s important that you feel at ease while working towards those goals. Thus I suggest to you, stay at home!  You read that right! There are plenty of ways to obtain your health and fitness goals without stepping foot in the gym, and the best solution for many is to create your very own home gym.

Working from the ground up, you’ll be sure to create a space that’s perfect for whatever training you decide to take on.  Starting out, I always suggest some rubberized flooring for the dedicated space. There’s a reason just about every gym has it, and it really is a nice addition. Rubber flooring provides a stable surface for you to work on, prevents damage to your floors, and makes for an easy to clean surface after you’ve had those really strenuous workouts.

Life Fitness Treadmill and Exercise Bike

From there, the choice comes down to preference.  I personally advocate strength and weight training equipment before anything else because it’s easily customized and breaks the monotony of cardio, while being just as effective. Anyone can pick up a set of dumbbells, find a program, and make some progress in just a few weeks. Home gym systems are another great tool as they come in an All-in-One design, and allow for a variety of different exercises. Again, anyone can use these machines and they’re a bit easier on the body if abilities are limited.

Barbell with Plates Body Solid Dumbbell Sets weider pro6900 weight system

A more minimalist approach might be the way to go. Resistance bands are an ideal solution for space restricted areas, and provide plenty of customization themselves. Throw in a pull-up bar, jump rope, and exercise ball, and you have a condensed gym that’s built to meet your goals. Add some direction and intensity to your workout and utilize a fitness DVD that’s perfectly paced.

Finally, we can add in old reliable cardio. Whether you’re into running, cycling, or a hybrid of the two, classic machines like the treadmill and stationary bike are sure to get you going. When the weather isn’t ideal or if you’re feeling like you just want to sweat it out, getting your heart rate up can be a great change of pace to your routine, and always assists in meeting fitness goals.

Incorporating variety to your home gym is key in making sure you have effective workouts, while maintaining motivation levels. So whether you add one or all of these pieces to your new workout space, rest assured you’ll be able to make the changes you want, in the privacy of your own home!

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