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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Cocktail Tables: The Perfect Living Room Accent

Cocktail Tables: The Perfect Living Room Accent

After weeks of research, looking at fabric samples and testing out upholstery, you’ve finally found that perfect sofa!  Congratulations!  Now you’ve got to find the perfect cocktail table to accent your new living room. The options are limitless, but discovering your needs will help narrow down the selection. Our handy cocktail table guide will help you find the perfect table for your space.


 Know Your Shapes

The right shape cocktail table can really make or break your space.  The standard cocktail table shape is a rectangle, which works well with any sofa/loveseat or sofa/chair layout.  An L-shaped sectional that is the same length on both sides really needs a square or round cocktail table to keep it balanced.  Some sectionals have a chaise on one side, and in this case a smaller round table or oval shape fits well.  The golden rule is to make sure you have enough room to maneuver around your table, but also that the table is big enough to be functional and handy.


Size Matters


When selecting a table size, take into account the size of your space and the scale of the other furniture in the room.  Giant sectionals with lots of pillows and bulk need a proportionate size table to keep it from looking dwarfed.  Likewise, a small scale and streamlined sofa will look best with a smaller size table.  Typically your cocktail table should be about 2/3 the length of your sofa to keep it scaled correctly.  Your table height has a big impact on your space as well.  For instance, a lot of modern upholstery has a lower seat height, so tables should be lower to keep the room balanced.  Your cocktail table should be right at seat height level, give or take an inch.


Bunch it UpHammary Modern Basics Round Nesting Cocktail in Textured Bronze

Bunching cocktail tables give you the freedom to move your furniture around to suit the occasion.  Lots of guests?  Pull the two cocktail tables apart to create separate seating areas.  Game night on the couch?  Push the cocktail tables together to make one big work area.  Bunching cocktail tables also provide more versatility should your main seating area change.  You can always pull one cocktail out and use it as an end table if you need more walking room.

Go for a Rollwheels

Castered cocktail tables are perfect for active families or anyone who loves reconfiguring their living room.  Particularly if you have a reclining sofa or loveseat, a castered cocktail table will scoot right out of the way.  Rolling tables also come in handy when you need open floor space for playing with the kids or working out.  Often times the casters are hidden behind the legs of the table, but large industrial looking wheels are in fashion now as well.


Hidden Storage

If you’ve constantly got magazines and remotes covering your cocktail table, think about replacing it with a storage table.  Many cocktail tables now have multiple drawers or lift tops to make all that mess disappear.  Lift top storage tables give you places to hide that clutter and the comfort of a tabletop that comes to you!  A cocktail table with a lift top also functions as an extra workspace to raise your laptop or puzzle to the perfect height.  Consider the size and scale of the upholstery though.  Many storage and lift top tables are visually heavy and work best with sectionals or larger scale sofas.


Heavy Metal


If your room already has a fair amount of wood tones, try a stone or glass top table with metal accents.  Adding a new texture and color to your room can help it from looking too stale or overly matchy-matchy.  Glass and stone are very durable materials, and work well for a high traffic area.  Glass top tables will never warp or get watermarks, so you can breathe easy when your guests don’t use a coaster.


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