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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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Gift Exchange Ideas - As Seen on TV

Gift Exchange Ideas – As Seen On TV

Most Americans with a TV and too much time on their hands (which is most Americans) have heard of As Seen On TV products. You know, those funny, but interesting items that fill commercial air time between Late Night and Law & Order re-runs? I know you know them. And I bet there has been at least one product that really made you think, “Man, how have I lived this long without “Bread Gloves (they turn anything into a sandwich) or the“EZ Cracker?”

Well this year, I set out to get ready for upcoming gift exchanges by scouting the As Seen On TV products. I assumed I would find a few kitschy items and that would be the end of it, but I actually created an actual Christmas List for my entire family.

As Seen On TV Grab Bags

  • For Myself – Grab Bags – These reusable shopping bags are made of earth-friendly material, hold up to 40 lbs each, and are perfect for shopping clubs and other stores that don’t supply bags (or for people like me that have 52 bags, in all different shapes and sizes, yet seem to forget them about half of the time that I actually need them). They stretch across the shopping cart so you fill them as you shop bit leave the bag in the cart as you check out. The bagger refills them then you transport them straight form the cart to your car. Genius!As Seen On TV Hot Stamps Hair Glitter
  • For My Niece – Hot Stamps Hair Glitter – When your ordinary hairstyle just not cutting it anymore? Are you looking to dazzle your friends? Does the “special” in your special occasion outfit need a boost? Now there are Hot Stamps hair glitter! Short, long, straight down, braids, high bun or low bun, even a ponytail – all get a sassy new look with Hot Stamps hair glitter. Patterns stay on and in place all day, even if you touch them! Goes on fast – comes off fast! Just brush out!As Seen On TV Mr. Lid
  • For My Husband – Mr. Lid – Not because he loves plastic food containers… more because he hates them. They always seem to lose their lids or create a mess in our cabinets. Mr. Lid is the only container of its kind with an attached lid! The secret is patented lid design with seal safe hinge. Stop digging for the right lid and container, Mr. Lid stacks easily saving you space and frustration. Microwave and freezer safe and BPA free. Dishwasher safe. Love you, honey!As Seen On TV Orgreenic Cearamic Fry Pan
  • Also For My Husband – Orgreenic Ceramic Fry Pan – The eco-friendly Orgreenic pan has an aluminum core and revolutionary non-stick, non-toxic (contains no harmful PFOA and PTFE) ceramic coating that lets you broil, bake (yep- it goes in the oven!), braise, steam, sautée, fry or sear foods without the need for oil, fat or grease. Ergonomically designed handle stays cool to the touch. Won’t chip, peel or wear. Aluminum alloy. He’ll love it, trust me.As Seen On TV Vegetti Pro Tabletop Spiralizer
  • For Me (What, Moi? Again?) – Veggetti Pro Tabletop Spiralizer – Put a healthy twist on one of your favorite family dinners, with delicious pasta made from veggies with the Veggetti Pro. Just slide in the customizable blade, insert your veggies and turn the handle for delicious results in seconds. From fettuccine to spiral salads to crispy potato chips, this device can make your food prep extra fun and your meals super healthy. The Veggetti Pro comes with three interchangeable stainless steel blades, for thin, thick or ribbon pasta, and has a nonslip suction cup base that keeps the Veggetti Pro still for confident cutting. Cut calories and have pasta on a gluten free diet with this amazing accessory. Use on carrots, radishes or cabbage for a beautiful, delicious salad or spiral slice sweet potatoes for crispy, healthy fries. The tool is dishwasher safe and comes with a recipe book to get you started. The healthy meal possibilities are endless with the convenient Veggetti Pro.

This year, thanks to As Seen On TV, Santa Claus has nothing on me!!!

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