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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Star Wars: Battlefront Preview and First Impressions

Star Wars: Battlefront Preview and First Impressions
Jason Rumbaugh

This is a preview of Star Wars: Battlefront and it includes a review of the beta version. The full game will be officially released on November 17th.  You can preorder it on our retail site today!

The Force is Strong in This One!

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront Beta is available to download to the public on: PS4; Xbox One; and PC. First impressions are lasting impressions and I’ll do my best to give you: the light side and the details what I like and the dark side which goes over a few things that could be improved.

star wars battlefront

The Light Side of the Force

  • The game developer, DICE, is giving Star Wars fans 8 game modes to play: Drop Zone, Walker Assault, Supremacy, Survival, Fighter Squadron, Blast, Cargo, and Droid Run. There should be no reason a gamer will have Star Wars fatigue with this incredible variety of game mode options. Some game modes allow you to play offline with friends and/or use split screen. The Walker Assault mode was epic in scale of the battlefield and the variety of weapons/vehicles you could blast your enemy.
  • Everything you have seen and heard in the original Star Wars trilogy is right before your eyes! I say this with confidence because DICE was allowed to visit the Star Wars movie gallery and digitally scan a plethora of original movie models. Not to mention, DICE got permission from Lucas Films to use the original sound effect files from those movies. From footsteps to thermal detonator blast craters, the battlefields leave evidence of your conflicts which adds to game immersion.
  • During gameplay, I could switch my game view to 1st or 3rd person perspective with one press of the down d-pad button. I enjoyed the ability to be in 3rd person when navigating the landscape to increase situational awareness.
  • Vehicles, heroes, villains, and weapon power-ups are accessed by tokens randomly placed throughout the maps. The more exotic the power up, the fewer the tokens you will find. Soon, DICE will be revealing more heroes and villains you will interact with in Star Wars Battlefront. I became ecstatic when I found the one and only AT-AT gunner token and started dropping orbital blasts on those pesky rebel scum.

Star Wars Battlefront

The Dark Side of the Force

  • The game does not include a campaign. Campaigns within DICE’s Battlefield 3 & 4 have been lackluster, but where campaign is missing in Star Wars: Battlefront, the multiplayer experience shines.
  • There is nothing more frustrating than waiting 6 months for a game and then having to sit and wait for an available game server. My hope is DICE will continue to increase the number of game servers.
  • Currently in the beta, the game party function is sporadic as far as getting your group of friends into an available server. A solution that worked for my friends and I was for me to invite them into a party and one of my guests would search for a match. Weird, right? We thought so.
  • The game runs at 60 frames per second (FPS) flawless, but nosedives to 30 fps if you play split screen co-op.
  • Between matches, I was not able to customize my character loadouts which felt like wasted time.
  • Game objective markers are not numbered. I found this frustrating when I wanted to coordinate attacks with my friends but lacked the ability to speak a quick reference such as “Enemy at Bravo.”
  • The last thing I’d like to see improved is DICE’s game launch track record. I’ve played every DICE game since Battlefield Bad Company 2, and every game had post-launch patches months after the games were released. Currently, Star Wars Battlefront beta doesn’t appear to have the bugs like Battlefield 3 & 4.

My overall first impression of Star Wars Battlefront is that it will be an absolute must-buy game when the full version is released on November 17th!

Star Wars Battlefront


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Graphics Quality

A Must-Play!

The Force is Strong in This One!

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