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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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3 Ways to Decorate Your Dinner Table for Halloween

3 Ways to Decorate Your Dinner Table for Halloween
Laurie Jordan

Halloween is just around the corner, so let’s take the celebration up a notch and add some Halloween table decorations to your dining room! If dinner conversation is sometimes dull, this suggestion is sure to spice it up! Do you want to add a bit of fun to a meal? You can surprise your family and dinner guests with a Halloween-themed dinner table?

I’ve thought of three amusing themes, one of them is sure to please your crowd. How about a gruesome, whimsical, or elegant Halloween table? Gruesome will be most appreciated by teens and young adults. Just don’t let the décor get too gross, no one will want to eat dinner. Whimsical is really appealing for families with little kids. Elegant is going to be perfect for a romantic dinner, think gothic with a touch of romance.

Here are some suggestions to help decorate your table in time for Halloween and enjoy a really fun and out of the ordinary meal with your friends or family.


Begin with a white table cloth and splatter it with fake blood. The more it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, the better! Hang up the table cloth, grab some red fabric paint and a brush and fling and flick the paint to your heart’s content. Let the kids help, they’ll have lots of fun too! Let the fabric dry completely before placing it back on the table. This project is good to do a few days before the dinner.

Black placemats will look great. Place a candelabra in the center of the table with tapered candles that will be lit right before dinner is served. String some spider webs from the candelabra (just keep them away from the flames) to the table. Place a red cloth napkin at each place setting and add plastic spiders, bugs, and maybe a big black rat in various places on the table.

Use black dinnerware and silver goblets or clear drinking glasses. Shut off the lights and ignite the candles. Just turn on some Halloween Spooky Sounds and you’re ready to have a gruesome feast!


Start with a black and white checkered table cloth. Some pumpkin orange placemats placed at each seat or rectangle shaped pieces of orange felt will work just fine too.

For the centerpiece, a medium size pumpkin placed onto a cake stand will look great. Or take 3 black, white, or orange pillar candle holders of varying heights and glue a small pumpkin-shaped gourd on the top of each one. This spooky pumpkin would look fantastic on the table!

Uma Enterprises Spooky Halloween Pumpkin in Black and White

After placing the table cloth on the table, take some purple and gold glitter and sprinkle it all over the center of the table cloth. Place the centerpiece in the middle of the glitter. Add your dinnerware to each place setting, black, white or orange will look best. If you don’t have these colors of dinnerware use with paper plates in festive colors – plus, clean-up will be a breeze.

For the drinkware use black or clear glasses. Standard eating utensils will be just fine or use plastic ones that are either black or orange.

Turn the lights down low and light the candles. Put on some kid-friendly Halloween music and enjoy the meal and the fun atmosphere!


Imagine dining at a Gothic castle. The surroundings would be elegant, dark and very romantic. I’d start with a vibrant red silk or velvet-type material table cloth – imagine the color of the lining in Dracula’s cape – that shade of red.

For the centerpiece, I’d choose 5 or 6 silver candle stick holders of various shapes and sizes. Using drip candles will create the best effect. Light the candles before the meal starts so they can start to drip into beautiful patterns as the hot wax runs down the candle holder. To elevate the candle centerpiece and create different heights, set the candle holders on top of old hardcover books.

For a touch of nature, add in a black raven figurine and some small tree branches and sticks at the bottom of your candle stick centerpiece. This twig candle holder would look great in the center of a circular table or place several of them in the middle of a long dining table. Plus, it is elegant enough to use all year round.

Ren-Wil Twig Candle Holder

Black plates with a silver charger and silver goblets will look very sophisticated. Black or red cloth napkins with a silver napkin ring will add a nice touch too. Create a place card for each person using a Gothic or Old English font. Decorate the chair backs by draping black lace and black velvet material over them.

If you wish to decorate more than just the table, check out our selection of Halloween Decor and add some special decorations! Skeletons, skulls, black metal, black feathers and heavy velvet fabrics will be perfect decoration choices. Before you are ready to seat your guests, turn off the lights and turn on some classical music and enjoy a Gothic feast.

Whatever theme you choose, have fun with it and enjoy the festivities with your family and friends. Happy Halloween!



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