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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Discover Steampunk Décor and Inspiration at NFM

Steam Punk
Liz Gray

What do you get when you mix rustic metal, red leather, and an animal print rug? I’m sure your first thought was a steampunk-themed living room and you are correct! Our latest Inspiration Showcase, Steampunk Voyages, is here just in time for the season!

What exactly is steampunk, though? Well, steampunk is all about bringing the posh, traditional style of the Victorian era to the modern industrial trend we see today. This also includes a wide variety of details. You may be thinking that this style is not for you, or perhaps you think it’s just too difficult to put together and pull off. Maybe you just need a few ideas from our showcase and you will soon be setting up your very own steampunk-themed room!

Steam Punk

Combining Victorian with industrial is a lot easier than it sounds. Some of the main pieces in this showcase are the Flexsteel Sting Ray Leather Sofa in Red, the Magnussen Home Entertainment Wall Unit in French Black and Natural Acacia, and the Artisan Home Cocktail Table in Black Rubbed Walnut. Each of these pieces are unique and have small details that help create the groundwork for the steampunk voyage.

Imax Corporation Georgette Hanging Lamps

Once the main pieces are set in place, then the fun begins with décor! To give the room a pop of color, you could add the Imax Corporation Georgette Set of Three Hanging Lamps. Rustic, colorful, and unique, these hanging lamps with light up your life. Literally.

Sterling Double Sided Wall Clock in Bute Bronze

Nothing says industrial like this Sterling Double Sided Wall Clock in Bute Bronze. This wall clock would be a perfect detail to any steampunk-themed room.

Imax Corporation Vintage Bottles with Labels

Can’t forget the bottles though. Decorative bottles are always a wonderful way to feature a theme you are showcasing. This set of 4 vintage bottles give off a theme that screams steampunk. Of course a bottle of wine wouldn’t look bad either when you’re sitting in your newly redecorated steampunk living room.

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