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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Get Your Entryway Ready for Fall

Get Your Entryway Ready for Fall
Liz Gray

After a tiring day of work, you get in to your car to drive through congested traffic only thinking of how close you are to the alluring aroma of that pumpkin pie in the oven when you walk through your front door. When you finally get to your front door and into your entryway, instead of going straight to that scrumptious pie, you first have to take off your shoes, find a place for your coat, your keys, and your bag. This is perhaps the most frustrating part of your day, however, once you get through that entryway it’s like you’ve crossed the finish line of your stressful work day.

What if that entryway was a place of simplicity and organization? If this reminds you of yourself, I can assure you I feel your pain. However, there is a solution! Your entryway can be stylish, while at the same time have plenty of storage space to transform the area from an unruly mess to an immaculate space!

It’s so easy to kick your shoes off on the floor, hang your coat over the dining room chair and toss your keys on the counter, but there’s a better way to stay organized! The first step to a neat entryway is a storage bench,

This stylish Lang Heartland Bench, Cushion, and Wall Shelf Set is perfect for bringing some practical organization to your space. It comes in white and black with six open compartments for storage baskets as well as three hooks for your coats, hats, and more. How, though, can you bring the feeling of autumn to your entryway?

Lang Heartland Bench, Cushion and Wall Shelf Set

Autumn, one of the most beautiful seasons in my opinion, is a wonderful time of year to begin changing your accessories from that rustic beach theme you love to the vintage, woodsy quality of fall. This is easy to accomplish with the Uma Enterprises Metal Memo Wall Basket with Chalkboard in Brown.

Uma Enterprises Metal Memo Wall Basket in Brown

This memo board will give you the warm feeling of fall while at the same time, bringing you some much-needed functionality. It’s also a fun way for you to share messages or reminders with your family. You can even spice it up with some creative Elk Lighting Pinecone Candleholders.

Elk Lighting Pinecone Votives

Last but not least, don’t forget to give the area a final pop of color by hanging a beautiful fall wreath on the inside of your door with the National Tree 24” Berry Wreath.

National Tree 24" Berry Wreath

Now, your entryway will transform into a welcoming, spacious, autumn area instead of that room that seemed to be the only thing between you and that heavenly pumpkin pie.

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