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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 9, 2018

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Phone Surgeons: The Most Trusted Brand in Smartphone Repair

Phone Surgeons Smartphone and Tablet Repair

The Phone Surgeons provide “medical” repair to broken and injured smartphones, tablets, and electronic devices. The brainchild of Chris Joudan, a former wireless franchise store owner, who witnessed his team send two clients out the door after a very brief interaction. He asked why the customers left and was told that the customers had broken phones that they were unable to repair. Seeing an opportunity to provide a service that wasn’t there, Phone Surgeons was born!

Nebraska Furniture Mart is proud to have a Phone Surgeons repair clinic inside of our stores in Omaha, Kansas City, and The Colony. The technicians are focused on delivering a first class repair experience and building a brand that consumers can trust to restore and preserve their digital lifelines. After all, who hasn’t felt the sickening heartbreak of a cracked phone screen on a newly purchased iPhone !?

Now, instead of using your upgrade to get a new smartphone, or having to buy a new phone outright, you can simply pay a small fee to have the phone screen replaced! Just bring in your phone or tablet for a free diagnosis and estimate for same-day repair. Most of the repairs for Apple and Samsung phones can even be completed in less than an hour. The Phone Surgeons also offer services like:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Restoration of iOS on iPhones & iPads
  • Data backup & recovery
  • Component replacements for batteries, cameras, headphone jacks, and more

The Phone Surgeons at NFM are highly trained in both technical electronic repair and super customer service. So next time you hear a crunch and see your phone fly off the roof of your car, don’t fret, just swing by NFM and visit the Phone Surgeons!


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