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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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3 Tips For Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture

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Laurie Jordan

Pet-friendly furniture should be to be attractive, comfortable, durable and stain resistant. The type of fabric and color are important too. Here is a tip: choose a fabric color that is close to your pet’s fur color. By doing so it will make the fur less obvious between cleanings. Don’t forget the floors, large dogs on slippery floors can result in an emergency trip to the vet.

If you have indoor cats and dogs you may have encountered some of the same furniture issues I have had to contend with. I’ve owned two large breed, very furry dogs and several cats that weren’t declawed. I think I can confidently call myself a pet-friendly furniture expert. I’ve had more than my fair share of destruction, damage, fur, stains and slippery floors to determine what I think is the best type of furniture for indoor pets.

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Back to the Fabric: How much time do you want to spend cleaning?

When choosing pet-friendly furniture you need to think about pet hair. My pets are allowed on the furniture. While I love cuddling with them, I truly regret not training them to stay off.

After I grew tired of vacuuming the furniture several times a week I resorted to using lint brushes and hair removal gloves. They worked fine but it was time consuming and I could never get all of the hair removed. After I grew tired of fabric furniture, I decided to get a leather living room set. This was perfect for me, I used Swiffer Sweeper Dusting Cloths to remove the pet hair. Cleaning is quick and easy and no longer a chore.

If you are ok with spending time vacuuming up pet hair then fabric is the perfect choice for your home. On and in our stores you can choose from a large assortment of floor cleaners – many are designed with pet hair removal features. If you prefer a quick and easy way of cleaning up hair then vinyl or leather is the way to go. Just remember certain types of leather scratch more easily than others. Our factory-trained sales staff can help you learn more about different types of leather.

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Happy Feet: Pet-Friendly Flooring

Some dogs tend to have issues with wood and vinyl floors. They have a hard time getting traction and tend to slip and slide around like they are ice skating. While some see it as funny to watch, one wrong move can cause serious injury to your pet. Carpet runners and area rugs are great for creating a safe walking area for your furry pal while not having to give up having a beautiful wood or vinyl floor.

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A Space of Their Own: Providing your furry friend their own place to rest may save your furniture.

Your cat or dog would appreciate a spot to call their own. Not only will it provide security and comfort, it can help keep them off your furniture. On you can find an assortment of pet beds and accessories. Putting a pet bed in the area your family tends to hang out in will provide a comfortable place for them to relax and sleep. If you place one in your bedroom too it may detract your pet from having to sleep on your bed.

Cats like to scratch and will turn to your furniture. My highly distressed, once pristine leather sofa can attest to that. A Cat Scratching Post spiked with some cat nip will lure your cat to the post and hopefully they will enjoy scratching that more than your furniture.

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Pets are a part of the family and for some folks they are like their kids. Be sure to provide them the proper places to relax and sleep. And don’t forget to think of them when you are purchasing furniture, durability is the key.

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