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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 9, 2018

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8 Fun Recipes for S'mores

8 Fun Recipes for S’mores

While I don’t possess a huge sweet tooth, certain savory snacks do appeal to me more than others. Lemon bars, mint chocolate ice cream, and peanut butter cups can each grab my attention on occasion. But there is one treat I never refuse… s’mores!

S’mores are associated with camp outs, campfires, and all the other great memories linked with summertime. We all know that a traditional s’more consists of a large marshmallow roasted over an wood fire pit and sandwiched between two graham crackers with a chocolate bar in the middle. But did you know that the s’more recipe was first published by the Girl Scouts in 1927? This totally makes sense since the Girl Scouts are also responsible for some of the most delicious cookies on the planet!

It’s not just the ingredients that make a s’more so delicious, but the entire experience of creating the campfire, setting your marshmallow ablaze, dropping a few in the actual fire, and finally, eating the gooey delicious treat. I’m all in favor of tweaking the ingredients to add an even more delightful culinary experience. Here are a few fun s’more recipes.

  • Instead of a simple chocolate bar, try a chocolate peanut butter cup in the middle. Full disclosure – peanut butter is possibly the world’s original super food, in my opinion.
  • Or try a peppermint patty… the world’s second super food!
  • Substitute dark chocolate bars for a little extra POW and potential additional health benefits!
  • If you love spicy food, sprinkle some cayenne pepper on your melted marshmallow or try cinnamon.  Both spices complement chocolate nicely.
  •  Something as simple as adding a caramel chew to the s’more can make a massive impression on your palate.
  •  While I can’t personally vouch for this option, I hear that cheese, particularly brie, can add a unique flavor to the traditional s’more treat.
  • Chocolate and cinnamon flavored graham crackers can be an easy substitute, yet still traditional enough to be considered s’mores.
  • And for the real foodies out there, try gourmet marshmallows. They come in flavors ranging from peppermint to lemon to mochaccino.

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