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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Refresh Your Backyard with Planters and Birdhouses

backyard landscape
Laurie Jordan

Looking for an easy way to dress up your outdoor living space? Bring some new life to your home with fresh flower pots and planters. Not only will it instantly beautify the environment, your plants and flowers will flourish in their new homes. An added bonus – an attractive pot or planter can easily coordinate with your indoor style if you bring plants in during the winter months. Just be sure to choose a planter or pot that is cohesive with your indoor theme and colors.

Planters and pots increase your gardening options – you can set or hang a pot just about anywhere. If you don’t like where you placed it just move it, no digging or back breaking yard work required! Plants, shrubs and flowers attract beautiful birds, bees and beneficial insects. Create a Zen-like habitat, then sit back, relax, and enjoy nature and its beautiful creatures.

Large Flower Pot LavenderMetal Double Potholder wooden round pot  dura cotta plant bowl   square garden pot

Check out NFM’s selection of outdoor decor and you’ll also find stylish plant stands and tables No matter what your budget, we make it easy to find the perfect container for your patio or deck – from industrial style galvanized metal to modern shapes and colors, we have something for everyone.

twin birds birdbath woodstackedbirdhouse green bird feeder slate birdbath fountain birdbath fountain in sandstone

Don’t forget about our feathered friends – adding bird houses, bird feeders, and bird baths to your patio and yard gives the birds a safe place to visit, enjoy some fresh water, and take a bath. Just like humans, birds are picky about where they eat. By providing the birds a variety of feeders and bird seed, your chances of attracting different species should increase.

With summer in full swing, be sure to check out all of the outdoor decor and furniture at Nebraska Furniture Mart and create your own backyard oasis!


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