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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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7 Classic Summer Movies

7 Classic Summer Movies
Adam Logan

The dog days of summer are almost here. When it’s too hot to go outside, there’s nothing better than staying in and turning down the AC, popping up a fresh batch of popcorn, and enjoying a few of your favorite summer movies! We’ve put together an exciting list of classic summer movies that are still just as much fun as the first time we saw them!

Picture of Independence Day  2282350 (BR)INDEPDENCE DAY

Independence DayThe ‘90s were chock-full of memorable summer flicks. And it’s pretty hard to get any more ‘90s than a movie featuring an alien invasion that’s thwarted by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum uploading a computer virus on the mothership.

Picture of Finding Nemo [Blu-ray/DVD] 110287 (BRDV) FINDING NEMO

Finding Nemo Pixar perfected their formula with this classic about a not-so-funny clownfish going on journey in search of his son. It’s truly a great movie for all ages and it set the standard for animated movies in the 2000s. With a bevy of fun, memorable characters at every turn,  Finding Nemo is an absolute treat to watch.

Picture of Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy  6117081 (BRDG)JURASSIC PARK U

Jurassic ParkSo, this movie came out over 20 years ago and the CGI and practical effects still look better than some blockbusters that came out last year. Weird, right? When Spielberg and company said that they wanted to bring dinosaurs back to life, they almost had everyone convinced that they actually did.

Picture of Speed [Blu-ray/DVD] 2267177 (BRDV) SPEED

Speed In this nonstop thriller from 1994, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock play a dynamic duo that teams up to stop a former LAPD cop that’s obsessed with revenge (played with maniacal glee by Dennis Hopper). With a great villain, fantastic chase scenes, and a tense showdown at the end, Speed has all of the makings of a great summer action movie.

Picture of Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes IV - VI [Blu-ray/DVD] 2287624 (BRDV)STAR WARS TRI EP

Star Wars – This classic sci-fi flick broke the mold for summer movies. It spawned an entire fanbase along with countless books, sequels, toys, and every other type of merchandise imaginable.  At its heart, it’s just a really fun movie about a ragtag group of rebels trying to bring down a galactic empire. We’ve all been there before.

Picture of Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures 146764 (BR) INDIANA JONES-COMP

Raiders of the Lost ArkTake your pick from any of the Indiana Jones movies, we’ll just go with the first one here. It’s one of the most iconic action franchises that continuously delivered all of the fun and excitement that we expect from a great summer movie.

Picture of Jaws [Blu-ray/DVD+Digital Copy] 61121156 (BRDVDG)JAWS(100TH AN

Jaws The first real summer blockbuster, Jaws is still great after all these years. Director Steven Spielberg pushes all the right buttons and keeps this thriller churning along with memorable dialogue, a great cast, and one nasty shark!

What are some of your favorite summer movies that you enjoy watching again and again?

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