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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Bamboo Sheets: Sleep Has Never Felt So Good

Bamboo sheets
Jordan Masten

Do you have trouble sleeping? Nothing’s worse than a long day on little sleep. You can now get your most comfortable night’s sleep, not too hot and not too cold but just right with bamboo sheets! A bamboo sheet set will adjust to your body temperature. They’re breathable and wick away moisture. You spend a third of your life in bed, so why not sleep in luxury!

The silky soft touch is naturally light but strong. It’s superior to cotton in moisture management because it’s cool to the touch and prevents stickiness in warm conditions. The structure of bamboo yields tiny air pockets, which will trap body heat if you’re cold. 100% Rayon from Bamboo will naturally cool your body temperature 2-3 degrees when hot. Don’t these sheets sound like a great solution for couples? I know I’m always cold and my husband is always super-hot.

Bamboo Sheet Sets_ALL


Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, which helps keep the sheets smelling fresh and clean in between washes. Lab tests show that bamboo fabric is nine times more effective at killing bacteria than fabrics treated with chemicals, even after 50 commercial washings. Sounds like a great solution for families with pets and small children! Bamboo is also environmentally friendly, it’s a highly sustainable crop that grows and re-grows 3+ feet per day! These Bamboo sheets use stalks that are 2-3 years old for superior strength.

Taking care of these sheets is easy! They’re machine washable, no ironing is needed as long as you remove them at the end of the drying cycle. If you can’t get to them right away, don’t worry because you can just run the dryer for a few more minutes on a low temperature and viola smooth and wrinkle free sheets! The sheets won’t shrink and are a perfect fit on any size mattress because of the elastic all the way around.

If you’re ready for a little slice of heaven, bamboo sheets are like sleeping on the clouds. We’re confident you’ll love them and never go back! Now’s your chance to win a set of these fabulous bamboo sheets from Homesource International. Share a comment and tell us whether you’re a fan of making the bed every morning or just leaving it alone. We will randomly select one winner on Monday, July 20th!


  1. Debbie Garrett

    I have to make the bed everyday!!

  2. Kerry Simpson

    just leaving bed unmade

  3. I enjoy making the bed every morning, and have actually made-up my side as my wife still sleeps before I head off to work. Making the bed just makes the whole room look better, and makes me look forward to crawling back in! 🙂

  4. Christopher Cassady

    Well, I’m a fan because making your bed in the morning just helps me have a more productive day. It’s like the early morning jog just not as intense. But some days you really are not feeling it and want to say the hell with it. Some days Yay, some days Nay.

  5. Sarah

    Make the bed, usually!

  6. Anna F.

    I like to try to make it everyday but a few days a week I am lazy and don’t make the bed. 🙂

  7. I make the bed every morning AFTER I have my coffee!

  8. Dan

    We make the bed right before we go to bed 🙂 would love to win the sheets!

  9. Jamie Mixon

    Just leave it alone…

  10. Ignacio Jaimes

    I like to leave it as it is in the morning since I’m always climbing in and out but the wife has the last word and the bed gets done :/

  11. Ashley Smith

    I have to make the bed in the morning! I want it neat when I get back in it!

  12. Jerel Hutchinson

    I just leave it alone but then my fiancé makes it later!

  13. Connie Shafer

    I make it every morning to keep the dust out

  14. Lori Pouncey

    I generally do make my bed in the mornings, not always but most days! This is such a fabulous giveaway! I would be so thrilled to win these amazing sheets. Thank you so much for this chance 🙂

  15. Susan Campbell

    I mostly make the bed, but some days I just can’t find the time.

  16. Mona Q

    Make the bed every day. Nothing feels better than coming home on a long tiring day to a beautifully made bed!

  17. Maria C

    I am a fan of making the bed every morning. Should I blame my OCD? I guess not..We grew up with my grand parents with a stricter rules compare nowadays. Something is not right if my bed or room is a mess. As soon as I get up I make my bed, take a shower, prepare breakfast and lunch for everyone and then drop my kids in school. My kids are also having the same habit as mine. Thank you for giving the chance.

  18. Carla W.

    I am a fan of making the bed daily. I can’t say morning as I am a 3rd shift worker but I do make it when I wake up.

  19. I’m a fan of making the bed!

  20. Doug Long

    leave it alone – esp. important to let moisture evaporate if you live in a humid climate

  21. I leave it the way it is when I get up, it’s just going to get messed up again.

  22. I leave it messed up.

  23. I leave it messed up

  24. mackenzie parsons

    i hate making the bed in the morning

  25. Ksims

    I have to make my bed every morning. Your room is suppose to be a relaxing place to rest. If it’s a mess I can’t relax.

  26. Ashley K

    I make it.. My husband leaves it unmade.

  27. Carol P

    I definitely have to make the bed daily

  28. teresa scarborough

    make it first thing

  29. Just bought the bamboo pillows, would like the sheets to go with them.

  30. Susan Christy

    Now that my chihuahua is too old to get onto my bed, I can make it every day.

  31. Elaine haberman

    I make the bed everyday. I just love coming back to a neatly made bed and love even more crawling into cool crisp clean sheets.

  32. Kelle Mac

    Make it usually! 🙂

  33. Carmen

    Straighten it up each morning !

  34. Katie Jo

    I love having my bed made, but if my husband is still sleeping (sometimes I get up early *sometimes*) then I don’t make him get up. I let him sleep and make breakfast.

  35. Julie

    Make the bed every day. My mother would kill me if I didn’t!

  36. Christi E

    I wish I could say my bed is made up and pretty, however with a toddler to chase around, it is usually unmade.

  37. Mark

    Make the bed, even if it’s to get right back in it 🙂

  38. Theresa Wilson

    When my feet hit the floor in the morning, I make the bed. It’s just right and routine.

    • Hi Theresa,
      Congratulations, you’re the winner of a new set of bamboo sheets! Can you please email your contact info to Thank you for reading our blog and being a fan of NFM!

  39. Veronica

    Always make the bed!!

  40. Susan Williams

    Leave it unmade – I may need to crawl back in!!

  41. Julie Dube

    I let the sunlight hit my unmade bed as often as possible:)

  42. Melissa lewien

    I hate making the bed because I hate my sheets and pillows!

  43. B. Young

    I pull the covers up and call it good! Not quite making the bed but not quite leaving it unmade either! 🙂

  44. Sharon Rooney

    I make my bed every morning.

  45. susan king

    I’m a bed maker. I want to get back into a made bed. I’ll even try to get the wrinkles out of the sheets ! Would love to win a set of your sheets !! Got a sample of the fabric a while ago and makes me want to win a set even more ! Thank you for giving us the chance to win this !!

  46. Niki Petersen

    It depends on the day and my mood. If I wake up late usually I fly out of bed and leave the bed the way it is. I then make it before I go to bed. Life is way too short to worry about making sure the bed is made before I leave the house. A little disorder won’t hurt a thing!! Thanks for the opportunity! !

  47. Chris Blas

    I was brought up to make my bed everyday. An unmade bed just looks messy anyway.

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