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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Conair Wet/Dry Ceramic Straightener Review

conair hair straightener
Jordan Masten

I was doing a little lunch break shopping a few weeks ago and I’ve been causally strolling through our personal care section a lot lately. I’ve debated on getting a new straightener for quite some time now. I know you’re probably thinking a straightener shouldn’t require a whole lot of thought, it seems like a pretty minor purchase, but in my case I’ve got a personal attachment to my current straightener.

When I was in college, my dog Zoe, a miniature Sheltie Collie had to be put down and she truly was a best friend to me during my childhood. I had a hard time returning to my parents’ house knowing she wasn’t there and it was close to the holidays, which always makes things worse. My mom bought me several gifts that year and one very special gift was a cheetah printed straightener with the word Zoe embellished on the side. I have only used this straightener since then but it’s truly not an “adult-like” straightener and it tends to get my hair caught in it. Also, it doesn’t have any of the fancy improvements that are now included on many straighteners these days. I really wanted the following things out of a new straightener and I’m extra-picky because I’m not in any hurry to get rid of my current one.

Must Haves

  • Heats up quickly
  • Has adjustable heat settings
  • Was slim and portable
  • Had a good grip
  • Doesn’t catch on your hair easily

As luck would have it, our buyer for personal care products walked by and asked what I was shopping for and that’s how it began. He had a new product that wasn’t out on the floor yet and mentioned that he thought it would be great if I could test it and report back. These are my findings on the Conair 1 1/2″ Wet/Dry Straightener.


  • 30-second heat-up (400 degrees)
  • 6 wet-dry heat settings
  • Auto off
  • Frizz-Free Shine
  • No Blow-Drying

This straightener has already seen a lot of flight miles, in the past three weeks I’ve been to Chicago, Florida and Texas and I can personally say the straightener is great for travel! It is slim, which makes it easy to pack (I’m not a light packer) and it’s durable so I didn’t feel like to would be broken (I tend to shove my bag in the carry-on shelves). I have extremely thin hair but the ceramic panels are so smooth and don’t ever get caught on my hair. It also leaves my hair feeling silky with no burnt, frizzy bottoms and straight (which is the goal, right?).

There are a few negatives about this product though. It doesn’t have any grips and it’s pretty slippery. It also gets hot quickly and the heat makes it hard to hold the straightener. Plus, since it doesn’t have a grip, my hands sometimes press against the buttons and can accidently turn it off or change the wet-dry settings. The buttons on this product seem a little outdated because nowadays everything appears on a small screen but with this straightener you have to wait for the button lights to change colors so you know it’s ready to use. The same applies thing applies to the heat settings. It goes from 1 to 6 (with 6 being the highest heat volume). The heat setting is shown in a small bubble and it’s extremely hard to read.

I can’t speak much to the “dry” feature of this straightener and I must admit at first that I was skeptical of trying it out because I didn’t want to fry my hair. It claims to dry your hair as fast as it straightens it. I don’t have a ton a hair, so I normally opt to blow dry it and it typically takes me less than ten minutes. I have tried this featured out twice now and it definitely makes your hair straighter then when you just blow dry it but it doesn’t really dry it all that well. It feels like it takes the moisture out of your hair but it still needs to fully dry. I think it would take quite some time to dry your hair with this product but it is great for pre-drying purposes or reducing frizz.

Overall I’ve been pleased with this straightener. I would give it a 3 out of 5. It has a lot of pros and a few cons. If this straightener isn’t for you, we have over 50 straighteners available for purchase online and 14 straighteners that you can find in the store. We have a wonderful price selection ranging from $25 to $160 models. We carry Bed Head, John Frieda, Panasonic, Revlon and more!







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