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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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Outdoor Decor Ideas for Summer

patio decor
Laurie Jordan

Patio season is in full swing. Winter and cold temperatures are long gone. Instead of sitting on the living room sofa watching TV, most folks are relaxing and entertaining in the great outdoors. Patio chairs and loungers have replaced the sofa for the season. Make sure your patio is just as comfortable as your indoor living space. Creating a comfortable and attractive environment is easy. Good-looking patio furniture as well as tasteful outdoor decorative and accent pieces are available at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

You take pride in your home decor and probably spend a good deal of time, money and energy making sure it reflects your personal style. Why not carry your interior flair to your patio and deck spaces, too. Adding some boldly-colored decorative jars, lanterns, pots and ceramic stools will create a fun and festive atmosphere.

If you prefer to generate a peaceful spa-like environment, choose neutral toned decorative pieces. Look colors found in nature like leaf green, soil brown, cloudy sky and ocean blue. For added bursts of interest add some copper, brass or gold pieces, they will mesh perfectly with the earth tones.

Another easy way to freshen up your existing outdoor decor is by adding some accent pieces that are created to withstand the outdoor elements. How about a large hanging clock, a matching table and floor lamp or a fountain? By adding the portable lighting, you can move it indoors when the weather gets cold, keeping it in prime condition for years to come. Another bonus is you don’t need an electrician; just plug it in and place it where you wish.

An outdoor fountain serves a dual purpose. Other than visually pleasing, the sound of falling water is relaxing and mesmerizing. Fountains come in various themes and sizes. Some are tiny and compact and rest on a table top, some can mount to a wall while others are grand and stand alone.

Sleek Floor Fountain in Natural Green Slate

Discover extravagant treasures and budget pleasing deals on patio décor at Nebraska Furniture Mart – you’ll find more than 75 outdoor decor items priced under $25! Be sure to browse our decorative accessories in the Home Décor section of our site – many are perfect for indoors and out!


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