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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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Camping Equipment: Everything but the Tent

camping equipment
Aaron Schmid

Have you found yourself itching a mosquito bite lately? Perhaps you’ve broken a sweat walking from an air conditioned building to your scorching hot vehicle. It’s apparent that summer is upon us and what better way to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors than a camping expedition with friends or family. Going camping is a great way to get away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy a little bit of fresh air therapy. While Nebraska Furniture Mart doesn’t offer tents, you may be surprised to find out that we DO offer a tent full of camping items you’ll love.

The key to a comfortable camp is a lawn chair that your summer self will fall in love with instantly. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or gathering around the fire, a lawn chair is likely where you’ll be spending a good portion of the trip, and dealing with a sub-par camping throne can be detrimental to your relaxation. If you’re looking for comfort that will have you taking a snooze on the sand in seconds, I recommend trying out one of these Zero Gravity Relaxer chairs. This bad boy is fit for a king (or queen) and folds up for easy transport. Another necessity for beach-going is having a drink in your hand that’s frosty cool. Check out our selection of coolers and coozies which are guaranteed to leave you extra refreshed.

Being in the sun has a way of stirring up an appetite. When supper time comes, you don’t want to be stuck serving cold sandwiches and chips. To get the most out of your camping experience, turn to grilling. Nebraska Furniture Mart has these easy-to-use portable grills that are perfect for camping! Also check out this dutch oven and this cast iron skillet if you’re looking for alternative ways to cook and camp. Here is a list of a few more camping must-haves at Nebraska Furniture Mart:


Weather X AM/FM Radio – This thing is crank-powered and doubles as an LED Flashlight! Perfect for an unexpected summer storm.





Gorilla Torch 100 LED Flashlight – Great for late night adventures, this super bright flashlight has four flexible legs with magnets on each end for hands-free lighting awesomeness.





Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth Speaker – Music always helps liven up an atmosphere and camping is no exception. This Bluetooth-ready speaker is water-resistant AND extra loud. Bring it to the beach with no fear!

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