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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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Turn Your Backyard Into a Playground


It’s getting warm outside! What does that mean? More outdoor time! There are many FUN things that kids and parents can enjoy outdoors.

One thing kids love to do that they’re not able to do indoors is jumping on a trampoline. Kids don’t like to sit around and rest, they want to be moving around, and jumping on the trampoline is a great activity for them to have lots of fun and some good exercise! Moms and dads can also join in on the fun and get some exercise with their little ones on the trampoline. It’s a simple and great outdoor activity that can last for hours.

Another exciting activity that kids can do outdoors, that they are not able to play with indoors, is playing in a sandbox. A sandbox is a delightful activity that is lots of fun and children can also explore their imaginary/creative side.  Kids can build many different things in sandboxes, dig for treasure and play with sand toys. Parents will love to see their kiddos having a blast with the sandbox.  It’s a fun and safe way to enjoy the outdoors.

After lots of fun and play, kids will get hungry and thirsty. Enjoying the outdoors, having a healthy snack, and sitting on a kid-sized picnic table is a cool way for the kids to rest, relax, and get rejuvenated. The kids will be excited to take a break and sit at a picnic table and chair set that is just their size. Kids can color pictures, play board games, or have a tea party on the picnic table, too. Kiddos will get many uses out of the picnic table and chair set.

Being outdoors is a lot of fun – and having entertaining equipment will make it even more amusing for all ages!

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