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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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3 Nifty Products We Can’t Wait to Talk About

3 Nifty Products We Can’t Wait to Talk About

With so many cool things to find in every department at NFM, it’s hard to take in everything in just one visit. So, we thought it’d be a fun idea to share a couple of staff picks and recommendations featuring products that you might not have seen before.

Staff Picks - Nest Thermostat

Craig & the Nest Learning Thermostat

We recently moved and our new house did not have a programmable thermostat. When looking for a new thermostat, one of the things I knew I wanted for sure was the ability to adjust it from an app on my phone or tablet. Our bedrooms are upstairs and our thermostat is downstairs in the dining room. I don’t know how many times my wife and I are either too hot or too cold and trudge downstairs in the middle of the night to adjust the heat or air conditioning. After much consideration we decided to get the Nest Learning Thermostat and have been extremely happy with it. Not only is it very easy to install (even if you’re not handy) it works as promised.

It takes a couple weeks of you adjusting it either by your phone or directly on the thermostat itself for it to learn what temperature you like at what time of day. Once it does, it will create a schedule for you and adjust that schedule as it learns more about your family’s activity. Initially I was worried that the auto-away feature wouldn’t work because our dining room is rarely used so how would the nest know when the family is out of the house? Magically somehow it does and turns off while we are gone, if we forget to do it ourselves.

There are many other devices that work with Nest such as Nest Dropcam Pro, Nest Protect, and a host of other home automation devices. All of these devices can sync to either keep your family safe or help Nest work more efficiently by knowing when you are home and when you are away.

The verdict is still out as far as how much energy I am saving by using Nest, but I know for sure that I am saving energy compared to my original thermostat that was either always on or always off.

Staff Picks - Cocktail table

Jordan & the Graffiti Cocktail Table

I purchased this Graffiti Cocktail Table from the Mart a few months back and I absolutely love it. It was on sale and it fit my home’s style. It’s currently in our living room and I’ve had a blast decorating this piece with other fun pieces to give this room some more flair. It’s very sturdy and it’s big enough to put things on top of it. I think our guests will love it as much as we do!

Staff Picks - Jewelry Armoire 1    Staff Picks - Jewelry Armoire 2

Laurie & the Jewelry Armoire

I’m a self-proclaimed neat freak and organize my home with the rule that there is a place for everything.  I reside in a small home built in the 1920’s. While I love the charm of the woodwork, high ceilings, and the hardwood floors I wish I had more storage and closet space. I try to purchase items that have dual purposes and my most recent purchase from NFM provides both.

I found this Powell Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire when my husband and I were browsing the store one afternoon. I had been wanting one for quite some time and I couldn’t pass it up. The dark finish and simple style go perfect with my décor. The large mirrored door opens to reveal tons of storage for rings, necklaces, earrings – pretty much all of my jewelry and some hair accessories.


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