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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Inspiration Showcase: Southern Living

Samantha Huston

Get this patio season started off right with a beautifully decorated outdoor living space. Who says your patio can’t look as good as your living room? In our Southern Living Inspiration Showcase we have proven that even outdoor spaces can have dainty, delicate touches and lovely décor pieces that can compete with even the most glamorous living room.

The staple colors of this showcase are green and brown earth-tones which are brightened up by an abundant use of accent colors in shades of pink, purple and yellow. One of the ways these accent colors were utilized was through the use of tulips. The back wall of the showcase is covered in them and there are even some potted tulips in yellow surrounding the fence.

Georgia is the uber-talented visual merchandiser who put this whole idea together from floor to ceiling, literally (check out the amazing pergola)! After speaking with Georgia, I found out the idea for this showcase came from her grandmother’s garden and a very distinct garden statuary she remembered seeing as a child.


A great way to create visual interest above your patio table is through the use of hanging glass garden globes.You can put a number of items in these garden globes to create different unique moods in your space. One idea is to put small plants or flowers in them, while a different idea would be to use tealights or votives (or the battery-powered version that is less of a fire hazard).


The rest of the accent pieces in this showcase are an eclectic mix of items that all have that romantic garden feel. From greenery to vases to garden statues and more. Nebraska Furniture Mart carries all the furniture and décor pieces you need to turn your patio into your own personal showcase. View more photos of Southern Living below or check it out in person at our Omaha store.




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