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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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5 Tips to Keep Your Leather Furniture Looking Brand New

leather furniture
Dan Moluf

It’s tough to beat the rich, signature look of fine leather furniture. The supple texture and deep cushions deliver unparalleled comfort. But it comes at a price. Leather furniture can be a big financial investment. Considering the time and money you spent selecting your new furniture, it’s important to protect your investment.

Here are a few tips to keep your leather furniture looking brand new

  • Be Gentle – It’s common to collapse onto our sofa or recliner after a long day. While it may feel comfy at the time, doing so on a regular basis can take its toll. Furniture is designed to hold our weight, but the sudden jolts that come from falling or roughhousing on furniture can weaken their structure and shorten their lifespan.
  • Condition Regularly – Leather is a sensitive material, (it can even be affected by the oils in hair and skin) so it is important to condition it at least twice a year to prevent drying and cracking. Evenly applying a special conditioner (check with the manufacturer for preferred products) to leather upholstery will keep it soft, comfy and beautiful.
  • Avoid Sun and Heat – Arid environments, direct sunlight and extreme heat (i.e. too close to the fireplace) can cause cracks and fading. To avoid this type of wear, be mindful of where the leather upholstery is placed.
  • Keep Food and Drinks Away – Leather is less porous than most fabrics. Therefore, it’s a commonly held misconception that leather is stain resistant. While it may be more resistant to liquids, leather can be damaged by spills and is susceptible to stains. The best way to avoid these headaches is to keep food and drink away from it entirely.
  • Follow Cleaning Instructions – It can be difficult to stick to a “no food on the sofa” rule. If a spill or mishap occurs, be sure to follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. There is always a preferred method of cleaning, and not every cleaning solution will be good for every type of leather. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be prepared. When you purchase a leather piece, take the time to look up the manufacturer’s preferred cleaning methods and have them on hand for when a spill inevitably occurs.


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