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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Why a Smart Home Is a No-Brainer

smart home
Aaron Schmid

Everyone has seen the movies that feature a well-off business man who controls his entire house with a remote control that sits on the coffee table in his living room. He woos his lady friends by shutting the blinds, turning off the lights, and queuing the music in an instant. This technology has been around for a while, but has just recently made its way into the average consumer’s price point.

Advances in wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have given the world of home automation an opportunity to improve and become more affordable. The most significant improvements in home automation that have helped it become more relevant include cutting down on equipment required to make it work, applying it to home systems that save the consumer money, and using tablet/smartphone apps as a medium for controlling the home.

At Nebraska Furniture Mart, we offer several smart home solutions. Here are three brands that provide home applications which will raise the IQ of your crib in no time:

smart home

  1. NestNest centers its products on a learning thermostat. It has the ability to learn which temperatures you prefer so you’ll never have to manually program your thermostat again. It will turn off automatically when no one is home, let you control the temperature from your smartphone or tablet, and sense humidity. The top accessory for the Nest is a camera that you can view at any time from your smartphone or tablet.

smart home

  1. Philips HueLighting is the key to Philips’ home automation brand. Their starter kit includes three LED lightbulbs that last up to 14 years and a hue bridge which allows you to control the lightbulbs from a smartphone or tablet. When I say “control” I don’t just mean you can turn it on and off. These lightbulbs have the ability to glow one of 16 million different colors to give your home a relaxing feel, a touch of your favorite team’s colors for game day, or a furniture-matching tone that brings your living room together.

 A smart home on your wall

  1. Quirky + GEQuirky specializes in fun and interesting technology. GE is known for their high quality appliance products. The two brands combined their forces to create a line of home automation that is unique and useful. Saving energy is the focus of Quirky + GE, and who isn’t a fan of saving money on their monthly bills? The starter kit includes two smart, energy efficient lightbulbs that adjust to your schedule and a hub that lets you control them with a smartphone/tablet app called Wink. Other accessories include a smart wall outlet, a smart wall switch, a thermostat replacement, and even a smart propane tank gauge. Also, so you don’t have to go to the app to control all of these things, they made a touchscreen control hub that attaches to the wall so all your home automation can be adjusted on the wall just like a thermostat.

I’ve only mentioned the most popular of our home automation products. A few other brands we sell online are Piper, Isteon, and AwoX. Home automation is our newest category in store as well. We now have a dedicated section for all things smart home to accommodate the growing market for this kind of technology. Be sure to stop in and see it for yourself, your home will thank you later!







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