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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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How to Select the Best Dryer for Your Home


A reliable dryer will help keep your clothes fresh and make laundry a breeze for years to come. With so many options out there it can be tough to make a decision. Here are some helpful guidelines when selecting a new dryer for your home.

Electric or Gas: Is There a Big Price Difference?

Gas dryers are typically more expensive upfront than their electrical counterparts, but since gas prices are usually less than electricity you should make your money back in the long run. If you choose a gas model, Nebraska Furniture Mart recommends that you have your dryer installed by a professional. Improper installation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or even fires.

Most laundry rooms are outfitted with a special 240-volt outlet for electric dryers. If you choose an electric dryer make sure that you remember to buy either a 3 or 4 prong dryer cord since they’re not included. You can easily determine which cord you need by looking at the 240-volt outlet in your laundry area.

Make Sure There’s Room

Doors typically need 20 inches of room to swing freely. If you’re purchasing a front load dryer, make sure that the door mount is interchangeable so that it works with your space. Also make sure to leave at least 6 inches for hookups in the back of the dryer for a vent and wiring.

Don’t Skimp on Size

When selecting a dryer, make sure that it is large enough to handle any load you may be pulling from your washer. A standard rule of thumb is to purchase a dryer that is at least twice the capacity of your washer. This is not an absolute, but just remember that a dryer needs to create adequate spacing between articles of clothing to be able to efficiently dry your clothes.

The Extras

Specialty Cycles – Advanced models have specialty cycles. A moisture-sensing cycle can detect when your clothes are dry. Sanitize cycles can remove up to 99.9% of household bacteria and allergens. Delicate cycles use very low temperatures and are extremely gentle on clothes.

Smart Dryers – New Smart dryers let you monitor your loads with a mobile app and may even have a large LCD/LED Touch screen for controls.

Steam Features – Dryers with steam can reduce static, sanitize clothes, eliminate allergens, and help reduce wrinkles.

Reverse Tumble Drums – These dryers reverse the direction of their tumble every few minutes to help reduce wrinkling and knotted clothing.

Stainless Steel Drums – Stainless Steel drums are very durable compared to plastic or porcelain.  While they might cost a bit more, they can handle longer drying cycles and tend to last longer.


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