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Nebraska Furniture Mart | September 24, 2018

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Pre-Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Well, this has certainly be a long, cold winter.  Boston had a record amount of snow, Dallas saw ice and snow, and each week meteorologists across the country spoke of “artic blasts” and new “record cold temps.”

ENOUGH, I say. It is time for spring!  If only I could wish it so, we’d all be surrounded by tulips and flip flops.

But before we all sink further into yet another case of the winter blahs, I have a solution:  Pre-Spring Cleaning!!!

I can hear you now…


“No way!”

“Winter is bad enough, don’t make me clean too!”

But before you get upset, I have a different kind of cleaning in mind… Pre-Spring Cleaning.

Save the heavy cleaning for the real spring and do these simple tasks now to begin lifting your spirits and clearing your head from those winter doldrums.

Pre-Spring Cleaning, unlike its original predecessor, does not involve actually cleaning. Nor do you need to buy ladders and rubber gloves.

  • Miss the smell of flowers?  Light a candle.  The smell of candles can evoke a range of emotions including walking barefoot through a field of 4 leaf clovers!
  • Check out an iRobot Floor-Mopping Robot! Spring means rain and that means muddy foot prints on the floor.  Let a robot take care of it while you enjoy other tasks, like hoping your shorts still fit!
  • No need to use your own energy cleaning your own teeth. Let an electronic toothbrush handle the task.  (Trust me, teeth cleaning counts!)
  • Seriously consider ShieldMe or another brand of pressurized air in a can. Without a doubt, your TV remote has seen its fair share of use this winter and deserve to have the crumbs and dust blow out!
  • While not endorsed by the manufacturer, I occasionally Febreze my dogs. Just a squirt or two on their backs… to help them smell less dog-like.  My boss says it is the dog owners, not the dog, that are weird…maybe he is right? But Febreze is far easier than two dogs and a bath… and the ensuing aftermath as they shake and roll around the house!

In summary, one must ease slowly back into spring, much as a bear wakes from a long hibernation. Don’t rush it and don’t worry. You have an entire season to actually do the Spring Cleaning. The tail end of winter is for wrapping up the book you have been reading and beginning to think about a life without snow!



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