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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Mama Challenge: NFM Wish List

nebraska furniture mart
Autumn Rose Reo

As a mom, I mark my life into two parts, B.C. – before children and A.D. – after the destruction (aka NOW.)

Before Children I had finally gave away that hand-me-down furniture from college and upgraded to the real stuff. I was so proud of it and thought that I was set for life…Ummm – no. Now in A.D, while those babies start off doing nothing but sitting on the floor and cooing, we all know once they’re mobile, it’s over. And throw in Birddie, our lab, into the mix…I need new furniture.

So now it’s time to replace with something with a little more style. And with Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas is opening in DFW this spring very soon and a special preview pass available March 11-18, I can barely keep myself contained. After I had a chance to take a sneak peek at the distribution center that is more than 22 football fields in size, I’m pretty sure I found about a 100 things I wanted. However, I have narrowed it down to a few must-haves as my #NFMWishList  for now and would love a little feedback to see what you think!

nebraska furniture mart

Sony 55″ Class 1080p 3D LED HDTV with Built-in Wi-Fi

I can’t even tell you how bad we need a TV. The kids have almost demolished the one in the living room (I don’t even know what technology it is) and thank goodness it still works with a huge crack in it. This baby from Sony is the most current technology with LED & 3D. While that sounds all kinds of impressive, the WiFi capabilities and its under $1k make it very impressive.

nebraska furniture mart

Stein World 4 Door Credenza with Cutout in Oak

I won’t tell you what the state of our entry way table looks like right now, but it has to go or I need a really pretty 10-foot doily to fix it. This credenza is absolutely a showstopper and will make a big impression as you enter the front door.

nebraska furniture mart

Mannington Mountain View Autumn Hickory Hand Scraped Hardwood

Gotta love that NFM has more than just furniture and electronics….they have hardwood floors too! These remind me of that rustic look I fell in love with in Napa and would look amazing in my entry way. And the fact they are called Autumn anything wins me over anytime.

nebraska furniture mart


50″ Wooden Wine Rack

Do I really need to explain why I need a new wine holder that resembles a riddling rack made for turning champagne?

nebraska furniture mart

Wild Weave 1609 Jacqueline Rug

Once I get that beautiful hardwood, I’ll need a few beautiful rugs for the floor. NFM has tons of options and while this one is not as grandiose as the $18 as the Khyber Flora rug from Due Process on sale for $16,699.99, I think it’s pretty swanky.

King I Super Pillow Top Mattress

Remember the part about the two kids and a dog? Yep, they are all potty-trained now…but not then. And if I only get 4-5 hours of sleep every night, I want them to be good.

nebraska furniture mart


Fine Funiture Design Highlands Game Table and 4 Chairs in Rustic Cherry

Oh, I really really want this one – and so does the hubby. We do have a man cave and there sits the only piece of furniture left from the college years – one beat up table and chairs. We use them all the time, but man, they are ugly. This set takes it to the next level for comfort, style and of course, functionality.

nebraska furniture mart

Sounds like I want a lot (I do) , but if I win the $1,000 NFM Gift Card Giveaway, I can buy one or more of these things for free…unless of course, you win the giveaway!

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