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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Thinking Outside the (Chocolate) Box for Valentine’s Gifts    

Jenny Schroeder

When I think of Valentine’s gifts, I usually think of the typical chocolates and flowers that everyone receives from their loved ones. This year, I’m trying to think outside the box for my family and friends. I came up with a few new ideas from Nebraska Furniture Mart that I hope will add some spark in your Valentine’s gifts this year!

This year, we have a mini Valentine’s seasonal display in our Omaha store. This display features “I Love You” plates, mini rose vases, decorative chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped bowls. For the baker, we have heart shaped cookie cutters, and great red and white vases to put all of your Valentines flowers in. There is also a lemonade stand for sale that was turned into a “Kissing Booth” that would be a great gift for your daughters!

My mom has always been allergic to flowers, so my dad usually has to come up with an alternative gift for her for Valentine’s Day. This year, the Mart received bouquets of artificial pink tulips already wrapped in cute brown construction paper. These would be a great gift for anyone who is allergic to flowers, or if you just want a beautiful bouquet year-round.

For the guy in your life, we have a large seletion of Husker gear in-store and online. Several great gifts out of this area would be Husker blankets, Beer koozies, Husker signs, stadium seats, red recliners, and Husker cookware.

A few other creative gifts for a guy would be a coffee maker and coffee accessories. We have a large selection of coffee products. Or you could go retro with a record player or vinyl records for another outside-the-box gift that anyone would enjoy!


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