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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Frigidaire SpaceWise: “The Entertainer”

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Do you love to entertain?  Then you likely have encountered the annoying situation of not enough room in the refrigerator.  You’ve prepped for a party and finished all of the shopping.  All that’s left is to load up the refrigerator and…nothing will fit.  You battle shelves that won’t move, stuff cans and bottles in awkward fitting bins.  IF you can get it all to fit, you cringe at the thought of anyone opening your refrigerator and seeing a disorganized disaster.  This situation doesn’t need to be an Entertainment Crisis!

Open your door to over 100 ways to organize and personalize your refrigerator with the new Frigidaire Gallery SpaceWise Top Freezer Refrigerator, the industry’s first fully customizable refrigerator.

The Custom Flex door has sliding bins and accessories so you can arrange your refrigerator to fit your lifestyle.  Need drinks to be easily accessible for your guests?  The can dispenser bin is ideal for an entire 12-pack of cans, which frees up valuable interior space.  Large and medium bins are perfect for gallon jug storage and condiments and dressing.  The Store-More Shelf has three configurations; full shelf, half shelf and a full-height option for taller bottles.  You’re covered for every entertainment need!

Now that your mind is racing over ways to make your next gathering less stressful and your refrigerator more organized, go to to check out the interactive configuration tool.  Just select a model and choose bins to add them to the door.  Then you can add and stock various foods to better visualize the benefit of each bin.

Visit NFM’s Facebook page or NFMTweets for details on the in-store NFM Space Race event on February 21st where you have a chance to win the new Frigidaire Gallery FGHT1846QF!  #nfmspacerace


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