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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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Autumn Rose Reo

Nebraska furniture Mart Takes “Everything is Bigger in Texas” to New Level

“Sell cheap and tell the truth,” is the business strategy that started Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1937 by the founder Mrs. Rose Bumpkin in the basement of her husband’s downtown shop in 1937.
You can’t say that you can’t appreciate them for keeping business simple. However, after my insider’s peek at the megastore, you can’t call any part of NFM Texas basic, however, they did take the idea “that everything is bigger in Texas” to a whole new level.


  • The mega-big box anchors the $1.5 billion, 433-acre Grandscape project being built by Berkshire Hathaway and will set the ground for several restaurants and hotels planned over the coming years.
  • A four-story attached garage has 2,200 parking spaces and allows customers to enter on both floors. An additional 2,000 spots are available on surface lots.
  • A 1.3-million-square-foot distribution center is attached, where customers can pick up their purchases.
  • The store will have 100,000 pieces of furniture, flooring, appliances and electronics, organized by category.  And the selection of floor rugs of every size, appliances at every price point and brand and even the small gadgets like your can openers and blenders, will be about to be purchased at NFM.

We all know that bigger doesn’t always mean better, customers will be guaranteed to receive the best price on the market by daily markdowns that compare the NFM is beating other store’s prices. And if you do find it somewhere else, you will be able to bring it back for the difference.

So while we all wait in hesitation to see NFM in action, you can make sure you are on the list to be one of the first customers to visit when it opens its doors this spring. Just sign up and they will email you an early pass to experience Nebraska Furniture Mart for yourself.

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