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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Fun Winter DIY Projects

Jenny Schroeder

With these subzero temperatures and the holidays finally over, we now have time to clean our homes and organize our closets, right!? Personally, I don’t really do any of that after the holidays; I enjoy looking up new projects I can make myself for my home or for gifts for friends. Here are a few projects I have done in the past and some that I would enjoy making to pass these cold winter months. (Most of these are for the ladies like me that like craft projects; I’m not the best at “building” things.)

DIY glitter coated candles – All you need is mod podge and glitter. Coat the candles with mod podge and pat any color of glitter you would like on your candle. You can also glue cinnamon sticks to the candle for an added scent. I enjoy lighting candles in my living room, so of course I would choose a cute chair and side table to match my candles. One of my favorite chairs at Nebraska Furniture Mart is the Jofran Conner Chair with Tufted Wing Back this will give your candles an elegant flair!

DIY Cable Knit Sweater Pillows – These are pretty cute! I had a friend make these and they seem pretty simple. All you need is straight pins, a sewing machine, polyfil, and a needle and thread. Create a pattern for yourself and fill the old sweater with the polyfil, use the sewing machine to create a seam to close the rectangular shaped pillow. Accent your leather couch with these pillows and you will feel right at home.

DIY Boot Socks – Here’s another idea for an old sweater that you don’t want anymore. I had a co-worker make these and they are adorable. Just take an old sweater and cut the long sleeves off, create a hole for your foot and that’s it! The part that normally goes on your wrist will create a gathered look above your boots! When you don’t want to leave snow and ice everywhere on your wood floors or carpet, why not get a new rug from the Mart? We carry a variety of rugs, including colorful door mats, to wipe your feet on!



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