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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 18, 2018

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Build Your Room without Breaking A Sweat

room planner
Samantha Huston

After some browsing you’ve found the perfect sofa. You make the purchase, and arrange the delivery, overjoyed with the deal you’ve found. On your scheduled date the dream sofa is delivered. The delivery drivers bring the sofa into your living room, but your plans come to a halt when you realize your dream sofa sticks out about 2 inches into the doorway! Sounds like a frustrating situation, right?

At NFM, we’re working hard to make sure you don’t have to suffer through problems like this. One of the awesome services we offer on our website is called Room Planner. It’s a free, web-based application. Room Planner offers a wide variety of customizable options to help you create the room you’ve always wanted.

With Room Planner, there are a multitude of things you can add to fully customize every little detail. You can add in the main staples like furniture, appliances, electronics, and flooring. But you can also add in windows, door frames, plants, landscaping, light fixtures, and even outlets and light switches! Remember that sofa from earlier, what if it makes an important outlet or switch inaccessible? These are important things you may not think of when making a purchase. Use Room Planner to make your buying decision with confidence. Simply type “Room Planner” into our search bar or locate the  icon on specific product pages.

Some cool features and benefits of Room Planner:

  • Pre-made room templates or “Create Your Own Plan” with custom room sizes
  • Wall Tool to add in custom walls such as closets, balconies, and odd nooks and crannies
  • Double-click each item in your design to add in specific dimensions, flip, rotate, rename, change colors, or even link to a specific URL.
  • Ruler tool to measure open distances on your design (for example: from the wall to the arm of the sofa, no crazy math calculations needed to make sure your walkway is wide enough!)
  • Image tool where you can add in actual web images or links (for example: a fun fabric swatch you want to try and match)
  • Text tool to add boxes of text or notes to your design
  • Print, Save*, and Share* your designs with a friend via E-mail or Facebook

*available upon creating free account



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