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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Inspiration Showcase: Ski Lodge

ski lodge
Megan Beeler

With snow falling outside, nothing is more exciting than thinking of ending your day in a comfy room cuddled up by a warm fire.

Decorating your space in a Colorado Mountain or ski lodge theme reflects a cozy, casual elegance. That is exactly what inspired our designer Pam Jensen for our Ski Lodge Inspiration Showcase. While visiting a lodge in Keystone, Colorado earlier this year, she got the inspiration for the decor as well as the unique palate wall.  She told us, “It caught my eye as soon as I walked in and knew I wanted to recreate that in this Inspiration Showcase.” With the help of our extremely talented in-house carpenter Bill Hempel, Pam was able to create this extremely stunning in addition affordable palate wall.

Universal Furniture captures beauty with this stunning Sleigh Bed in River Bank and all the other items in the River House collection. Designed to be loved and enjoyed, the enduring quality of this collection welcomes a warm and timeless look. The River House collection reflects the charming comparison of a casual and easy graciousness.


You’ll love what the traditional design of this Hooker Leather Club Chair does to the look of your room. The chair’s high quality foam core is designed to deliver great comfort and support. The cushions feature padded urethane foam, which eases you into relaxation. This Hooker Leather Club Chair has vintage features like the tapered wood legs and brass nail-head design give the chair a classic look fitting for a Ski Lodge theme.


Our designer Pam had the idea for recreating faux windows to allow the room to feel like you were always overlooking a majestic mountain landscape. With the help of her family members who reside in Colorado, she had a few beautiful pictures taken and then sent off to a photo printer requesting they be made into poster size. Using the remaining palate scraps, they were able to make the window frame look on top of the poster-sized image, really completing the look of this room.


Lodge decor unites natural elements and warm colors to convey an inviting and easy-going atmosphere. Decorate your bedroom or living room in our Ski Lodge theme to experience the lived-in comfort as well as back-to-nature ambiance found in this rustic decorating style at Nebraska Furniture Mart.



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