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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 15, 2019

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6 Fitness Goals You Can Achieve This Year

6 Fitness Goals You Can Achieve This Year
Aaron Schmid

It’s 2015, and with the New Year comes a motivated attitude, fresh opportunities and, perhaps… 5 to 10 pounds of holiday plump.  As you’ve heard, there truly is no better time than now to get through a fitness slump. We’ve identified six fitness goals that correlate with your New Year’s resolution, so that it’s quick and simple for you to check out our fitness category for a perfectly matched solution.

  1. Build Muscle – Maybe your goal is to get jacked like Arnold. NFM has everything you need to pump some iron and reach your weight lifting goals in no time. A cost-effective way to create an in-home weight room is to invest in a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a weight bench. There are tons of upper body exercises to do with these two simple tools. Aim for more weight and less reps when trying to increase strength. Here are some exercises from Bowflex that can be used with their SelectTech Dumbbells.
  2. Enhance Flexibility – Flexibility makes every part of a daily routine a little easier. As time goes on, our bodies get used to bending certain ways. Gradually introducing joints to uncommon angles helps keep them in tip-top shape and maintains the body’s maximum mobility. Regular stretching and yoga are effective ways to enhance flexibility and overall fitness. Make sure you check out our selection of mats, towels, bags and water bottles to help you get started.
  3. Increase Cardio – Squeezing some cardio into your daily routine can have several health benefits. The name of the game is getting your heart rate up. Whether you choose to run or walk on the treadmill, hop on a bike, or stride out on an elliptical, your heart and lungs will thank you later.
  4. Lose Weight – The most common New Year’s resolution is to just shed some unwanted pounds. We have over 100 fitness DVDs for those looking to make an empty space at home into a calorie-burnin’, butt-bustin’ sweat factory. Upright bikes, recumbent bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals are all effective fitness and weight loss tools that can liberate you of those pesky pounds.
  5. Strengthen Core – Core strength is a great way to avoid back injuries, maintain perfect posture, and improve balance. Some of the core strengthening fitness tools that we offer include the Nautilus CoreBody Reformer, the Ab Rocket, and tons of DVDs that are packed with exercises designed to toughen up the body’s core.
  6. Tighten and Tone – This type of exercise is for those looking to polish things up a bit. As opposed to building muscle, here you’ll want to focus on lifting less weight, more times. While you will build some muscle and get stronger, you’ll be more effectively getting rid of saggy areas and developing definition. Dumbbells or a home gym are all you need to make this happen in the comfort of your own home.

No matter how you plan to become fabulously fit, NFM has a resolution solution for you!



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