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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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My NFM Christmas Wish List

wish list

I already have a job I love at NFM, so I’ll list the tangible things I’d like to see under my tree from Nebraska Furniture Mart this year…

  • After getting a 65 inch flat screen for my living room (long story, blame my spouse), I am certain I need a new TV in my basement. I do not have a cool “Rec Room” type basement. In fact, my basement is old, has a dirt floor, and a coal chute. But my treadmill and bike trainer are there, so I spend a lot of time there in the winter months. I feel my fitness levels would improve vastly with a new Smart TV. Just think, I could stream entire seasons of Home Improvement shows and plan a basement re-design while training for 2015!
  • I also need a tablet. I love my laptop, but a tablet is portable and functional and easy to take to the basement or when I travel. Plus, a touch screen makes me feel like Minority Report, and I need all the help I can feeling cool. I think I want the Microsoft Surface, but plan on learning more for a trained Sales person at NFM.
  • I am not an extreme Foodie but I do need a new Panini maker. My old one broke, and I miss feeling like I am in Paris when I make a fresh mozzarella and tomato panini. The Delonghi Panini Maker has dishwasher safer grill plates that make it easy to clean up!
  • Old house = small closets. Thankfully, NFM carries several closet storage solutions. I love my clothes but hate piling them on top of each other (they need to breathe!). A professional closet system will maximize the space in my closet and help me feel organized while increasing the overall style of my home!
  • Window treatments are a must this year. At NFM, I can order panels and curtains. I can also work with a Specialist to create the perfect look that fits my budget and style preferences.


Happy Holidays to you all… and can someone share this list with my husband!?



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