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Nebraska Furniture Mart | September 25, 2018

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Trend Forecast: Tinsel Town

tinsel town
Megan Beeler

If you’re looking for a new Christmas trend that makes a bold statement, Tinsel Town may be the way to go. Let elements of sequin, glitter, pearls, and ribbon adorn the trees and walls to achieve this glamorous look.  If your home already has black accent pieces, adding a few touches of glittery gold décor makes for an easy and sophisticated holiday space.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Here we have the Powell Chair in Black Link Ghost next to a tree covered in a variety of textures and patterns. Because all of the patterns use black and white, they all seem to mesh well together so they don’t feel like they are clashing.

tinsel town products

Whenever you can, it is a great idea to use mirrors with this trend. A mirror will not only make a room feel bigger, but it will also reflect all of the other shinning décor items around it! And who doesn’t love extra shine? The Coaster Mirror Scalloped Edge Frame in Elegant Gold shows a perfect example of how reflecting the glitter and other objects around the room can really take the space to a “wow” level. This eye-catching mirror has a stunning gold frame making this design a piece of art in and of itself.

Creating a comfy and inviting holiday space using a neutral palette of black, white, and gold with tons of wonderful textures and shiny surfaces is easy with us at Nebraska Furniture Mart. So, be ready to feel the magic in the air with a black and gold Tinsel Town Christmas this year.


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