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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 16, 2019

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Trend Forecast: Rare Ware Kitchen

Samantha Huston

Less is definitely more with the kitchen trend Rare Ware. Using everyday utensils and small appliances as functional décor is one of the main staples of this trend. A light, simple color scheme and clean lines make the utensils and industrial accents come to life.

Colors ranging from white to charcoal grey are what gives this trend its clean feel, and these colors help to brighten up your kitchen as well. There are a wide variety of kitchen items you can use to decorate that are not typically thought of as décor items. Some interesting examples are wooden spoons, muffin tins, glass bottles, and vintage metal tins.  Don’t forget a large chalkboard to keep track of this week’s menu or other family notes.

Wire storage, ceramic white dishes, and distressed wood pieces that blur the line between traditional and modern will complete this look. Nebraska Furniture Mart carries everything you need to showcase this trend in your home.


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