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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Trend Forecast: Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland
Megan Beeler

This trend can simply be described as breathtaking. The holidays are full of beautiful trends but not many compare to the unique look of a Winter Wonderland. Using just green or red may scream stereotypical Christmas. Bringing in an assortment of white, silver, and various shades of blue can help you pull off a more seasonal look. Find decor that merges with your home’s neutral coloring but that can still evoke a sense of the holidays. White miniature woodland animals and tiny sparkling Christmas trees bring a winter forest feel, while light blue candles and ivory Santa statues add a more festive décor.

This look is best pulled off with an all-white tree. It gives a unique, sophisticated style to the room and keeps the trend super chic. Keep in mind though, if you already have a green tree using white ribbon as well as ornaments with pops of light blue could be great as well.

Let the cool of winter settle into your home with Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Winter Wonderland trend.


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