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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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My Favorite Halloween Candy

Is it odd to be blogging about candy when I often say, “I don’t have a sweet tooth?”

Not really. In fact, it means I have a more discriminating candy palate and really save candy-eating for those delicious morsels deemed “above-average” in the candy world.

With that said, here are some of my favorite (and least favorite) Halloween candies and treats.

Raisins – Just say “No!” Sure, the tiny boxes are cute, but Halloween is meant for sugar and chocolate… not health food.

Smarties – What’s not to love about a treat that can be doled out one at a time or eaten in one fell swoop. And their sweet & tart flavor won’t bog down the palate.

Full cans of soda – NO!  Come on… kids don’t want to haul around heavy cans. They want CANDY!  Save the cans for the parents, if you know what I mean! (Please note that soda is acceptable if given out with Pop Rocks! By the way, Pop Rocks also come in a limited-edition Halloween version.)

Popcorn balls – NO! Popcorn is best when eaten fresh. Popcorn balls are not fresh and not nearly sweet enough!

Anything sour is great – Kids (and cool adults) love a sour candy like Sour Patch Kids and Sour Skittles. The unexpected POW on the tongue keeps you awake and serves as a palate cleanser so you can keep plowing through the rest of your Halloween loot.

Any full-sized candy bar -The tiny ones are appreciated, but a full sized bar screams “discriminating” and “quality.” Don’t skimp on the bar size.  (This covers a lot of candy including Milky Way, Twix, Snickers, Kit Kat, etc.)

Skip anything related to coconut – Most kids (and cool adults) hate coconut flavored anything and since coconut is now considered a super food, it no longer qualifies as candy.  Even when doused in chocolate, coconut is a letdown.

Skittles are a YES –   Like Smarties, they are sweet and tangy and can be eaten one at a time or by the handful. They also come in a sour variety (see above).

Peeps – Somehow this Easter Basket classic just doesn’t translate to fall.

Twizzlers –  Like jazz, kids just aren’t ready for Twizzlers.  A candy with strawberry and licorice in the same recipe is destined to give you a stomachache.

I saved the best for last …. (drum roll please) anything with the words “Reese’s” and “Peanut Butter” on the packaging is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.  There are so many varieties it is hard to list them, but the standard single pack (regular-sized) is a classic.  There is also the delightful, tiny version wrapped in gold foil and a pumpkin-shaped version that is both frightening and delicious! For the chocolate snobs of the world, there are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with dark and white chocolate. For those needing additional protein, there is also a version with extra peanut butter and the ever delightful Reese’s Pieces.  Really, you can’t go wrong when the label says “Reese’s.”

When it is all said and done, there really isn’t any bad candy. Some varieties are better than others and since they are technically free it is hard to complain. But Halloween candy can make or break your neighborhood street cred, so when shopping, choose wisely.

Happy Trick or Treating to you all!


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