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Nebraska Furniture Mart | October 17, 2018

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A Day Full of Pumpkin Spice

Jordan Masten

There’s nothing quite like the smells of fall; crisp, cold air, fresh-cut grass, burning firewood, and chili cooking in the crockpot. Not only are the smells tantalizing, but the good eats of fall make sweatshirt weather worth it! Recently, I purchased some potpourri that was a pleasant fall blend of cedar, cinnamon, orange and rose, along with two scented candles which were flavored pumpkin spice and pumpkin wreath. What it made me realize is how much I truly love this jean-wearing, boot-adoring, hoodie-sporting, pumpkin spice latte season!

Recently, a small gesture of fall happiness was delivered to my desk in the shape of a coffee cup, but it contained much more than just coffee; it was a pumpkin spice latte! My love for pumpkin goes much deeper than a simple heartwarming latte. The smell and taste of pumpkin puts a smile on my face and the best part is knowing that it comes in so many forms. My hope is that you will join me in my love for pumpkin once you realize all the tasty things that contain pumpkin. God does answer prayers, we can have pumpkin for every meal!

My ideal pumpkin-filled day would start out like this, my husband would wake up and start mixing me my morning blend: (I’ve always wanted to say that because I don’t actually drink coffee) a pumpkin spice chai. I would come downstairs to a full cup of chai and start cooking up some breakfast which would consist of the following things: pumpkin pancakes, a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, and I would complete my hearty meal with a pumpkin yogurt for the road. I wouldn’t stop my cooking there (pretending I can actually cook at this point) because I’m imagining my co-workers owing me one for bringing in some goodies to get them through the holiday season.  Therefore, I would bake up some pumpkin bread, pumpkin cream cheese muffins and who can forget those sticky, gooey, delectable pumpkin rolls with pumpkin spice icing! I can see it now, queen of the office!

For lunch, I would pack pumpkin chili, something light because I had a big breakfast and I don’t think my boss would appreciate me falling asleep at work. For dinner, the menu would consist of pumpkin ravioli and pumpkin cornbread as the side. Gosh, I’m getting full just dreaming about it! To top it off and please my husband’s sweet tooth (really I’m doing this for me) I would serve pumpkin ice cream to go along with the pumpkin pie. But that’s not all! There needs to be leftovers so that my pumpkin day can turn into a pumpkin week (honestly who doesn’t want that?)! Pumpkin bars and pumpkin bread pudding with be set aside for emergencies only. I will likely disguise the Tupperware with something extra that my husband absolutely won’t eat, like vegetables.

As a nightcap before bed, I would indulge in a pumpkin beer! So many solid options to choose from.

What’s your favorite pumpkin thing of fall?



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