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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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DIY Halloween: How to Make Witches’ Feet

Megan Beeler

Last week you all read about our Inspiration Showcase: Haunted Home and now it is time to learn how to make these super-simple, affordable, and eerie hanging witches’ feet. Some of these items you may even already have around your house, but if not they should be pretty easy to buy. Here are the six simple steps:

  1. Here are the items you will need to gather:
    1. Old boots
    2. Black umbrella
    3. Black spray paint
    4. Paper for stuffing
    5. Safety pins
    6. Panty hose or long socks

The black boots and umbrella could both be found at a thrift store; the older and grungier the better. We bought little girls panty hose but if you had a fun pair of long socks you could use those too. The paper for stuffing we used was just newspaper.

  1. Stuff the panty hose (or socks) with the paper until they have a good leg shape to them.
  2. Lay out the panty hose and spray paint stripes around the legs. Again the dirtier and messier the better. Let dry a few hours.
  3. Open the umbrella and intertwine the panty hose in the workings of the umbrella ribs.
  4. Take the boots and safety pin the panty hose to the inside.
  5. Finally hang it up!

Voila! It is that easy! This is such a simple and easy way to add a touch of Halloween feel to a space without going overboard. On top of that, what I think is so cool about this is that if I wanted to I could use boots and an umbrella I already have then, when Halloween is over I can take it apart and still use them throughout the year. If you wanted, you could just add a little bit of dirt to them to give them a grungier look, but nothing permeant needs to be done to the umbrella or boots so that could make this project even more affordable.

Make sure to check out the Inspiration Showcase: Haunted Home post from last week to see some ideas on how to create the rest of the space that these eerie witches’ feet would fit perfect in!

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