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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Maytag: A History of Making Life Easier

history of maytag

Widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy appliance brands, Maytag has a rich history with a humble beginning.  Their innovations turned mundane and time-consuming household chores into simple tasks that could be accomplished with the push of a button.  A true American success story, Maytag is still going strong and producing dependable, quality-made appliances that make our lives easier.

  • 1892:F.L. Maytag, his two brothers-in-law and George W. Parsons each contributed $600 to form Parsons Band Cutter & Self-Feeder Company.
  • 1907:Maytag hired patternmaker George Seed to design prototypes for washing machines – a new product Maytag wanted to offer his rural clients.
  • 1907:The company presented its first hand-cranked tub washer, “The Pastime.”
  • 1909:The company introduced the “Hired Girl Washer,” A washer that took the best elements of its predecessors and added the capability of using power from any common farm engine, including that of a tractor.
  • 1909:F.L Maytag acquired full ownership of the Parsons Company and changed the business name to The Maytag Company.
  • 1911:The Maytag Company dropped farm equipment to produce and sell washers exclusively- known simply as “Maytags.”
  • 1911:The company introduced the “Swinging Wringer,” its first product powered by electricity.
  • 1914:The Maytag company developed a multi-motor gasoline-powered washing machine, affording customers in rural areas without electricity the opportunity to utilize the technological conveniences of the automatic washer.
  • 1922:The Maytag Company’s head of research and development, Howard Synder, devised one of the most significant inventions in laundry appliance history: an agitator that mounted on the bottom of the wash tub instead of the top, thus creating one of the first washers to clean clothes solely through water action rather than friction.
  • By 1927:The Maytag Company was making a million washing machines a year. The company went from the 38th-largest U.S. washing machine company to the industry leader.
  • 1941:The Nineteen Hundred Corporation, Baukencht and the Maytag Company shift operations to support World War II production efforts until war’s end – gaining new competencies. With men at war, labor markets shift, pulling women onto factory floors. The war fostered greater employee camaraderie, and employees worked together to pick up the slack.
  • 1967:The reliability of Maytag appliances is showcased with the introduction of “Ol’ Lonely,” better known as the Maytag Repairman – a bored repairman with no work to do. The character is one of the most iconic advertising characters in consumer goods history.
  • 1992:On the Ol’ Lonely campaign’s 25th anniversary, the corporation inducted the three most prominent actors to play Ol’ Lonely – Serge Christaenssens, Jesse White, and Gordon Jump – into the Loneliness Hall of Fame.
  • 2006: Maytag Company was purchased by the Whirlpool Corporation.
  • 2010:Through a new partnership with Maytag brand and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Maytag brand commits $4.5 million to commend Boys & Girls that exhibit exemplary performance. The chosen clubs will receive up to $150,000 to continue their great work and positive impact on youth, their families and the community. Seven inaugural Maytag Dependable Club award recipients are selected from around the world, including one club located on a military installation in Germany.
  • 2014: Maytag has introduced a new Maytag Man that can do it all.  From cleaning dishes to perfectly cooking your Thanksgiving feast, the Maytag Man is dependable, reliable, and ready to get the job done.

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